Parents share what they would tell their younger selves

Parents share what they would tell their younger selves

With the privilege of wisdom, we can look back on our past experiences and be at peace with our mistakes and regret. But, there may still be times when we’ll wish we could send a message to our younger selves to change the course of our lives.

A fun conversation is going on at theAsianparent Community when one user asked what her fellow users would tell their younger selves, if given the chance?

Wan F. says she’d tell herself that asking for help is a sign of humility and not weakness. Adding that she “grew up being reprimanded whenever I would ask for help, and it definitely put a lot of unnecessary stress for when I was younger. It still affects me now, I sometimes feel I’m unworthy of taking somebody else’s time to help me with something and it definitely affects my relationships with people.”

As for user, Shrutika P. her advice to her younger self would be to “stop being emotional and take things practically.”

Chloe T. would tell her younger self to “To take more risks and have more patience!”

photo: pixabay

photo: pixabay

Danni S. opened up about thinking back on the “good ol’ days” and wishing there had been a way of knowing that.

If she could speak to her younger self, she would tell young Danni “to never hold back, stand up for what you believe in and to make the most of your youth before you become a ‘real adult’.”

John L. would reassure his younger self and encourage him to “Save more, regret less and live better.”

Words of encouragement would also be what user Darius C. would tell his younger self: “Follow curiosity and build stuff.”

Diana L. learned that spending time with family instead of friends is so important, sharing, “Now that I am married and in overseas, I have less chance to see my parents and brother.”

“I would tell my younger self never to give in to peer pressure,” writes Mizah S. “Spend more time trying to love myself and stop trying to focus on pleasing others.”

If you could write a letter and mail it to the past, what would you tell your younger self?

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