Parents-to-be Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput celebrate their first wedding anniversary today!

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Their wedding last year had taken everyone by surprise as Mira is 14 years younger to Shahid. But the couple have proved everyone wrong and are now all set embrace parenthood

It's Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput's first wedding anniversary today and we just can't stop looking at the adorable "Insta" pics of the two together.

Their wedding last year had taken everyone by surprise as Mira is 14 years younger to Shahid. But the couple have proved everyone wrong and are now all set embrace parenthood.

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Speaking to a leading daily about his wedding anniversary Shahid says, “On the face of it, nothing changes. But as I complete a year of marriage, I am getting this feeling that it actually changes everything (laughs). I am just trying to figure out how," he laughs.

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He further says, "The situation is like that of a patient who doesn’t know what has happened to him. But jokes apart, marriage does change something deep inside you, for the better. I think it gives you roots, so even if you fly, you don’t fly too high. It helps you understand your priorities. Your priority is your work, and your home. Everything else comes in only if there’s time.”

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Unfortunately, Shahid and Mira would be celebrating their anniversary at the hospital as Mira has been once again admitted for routine check ups. However, Shahid still plans to celebrate their anniversary in a special way.

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He has arranged special dinner and will surprise Mira as the clock hits 12. “Special food and everything favourite of Mira has been arranged. Few close friends of the couple are expected to arrive. Shahid has arranged everything well planned. Mira is soon to be discharged from the hospital but there is no official confirmation regarding it as doctors are would be better to reveal about the same," says a news report.

Back home chill vibe.

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Shahid also plans to be by Mira's side during her pregnancy. "I want to be around Mira during her pregnancy. This is my once in a lifetime opportunity or twice in a lifetime opportunity, maybe."

The actor says that he is planning to take a full-fledged paternity leave and is really looking forward to spend time with his pregnant wife.

"I am taking a full-fledged paternity leave. I was almost 14 when my brother (Ishaan) was born. I was grown up enough to know what my mother went through during her pregnancy. So, I want to be around Mira," said an excited Shahid.

The actor also goes on to say that Mira is quite young and it is not easy for her to adjust to so many changes. He says now that her film promotions are done his whole attention would be on wife Meera.

Here's wishing the couple a very Happy Wedding anniversary!

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