5 reasons why Indian parents must watch the movie 'PINK'

5 reasons why Indian parents must watch the movie 'PINK'

By speaking about it, parents like Riteish and Genelia Deshmukh have indirectly urged parents of girls to watch this movie and teach them important life lessons

Just a few days back superstar Amitabh Bachchan penned a powerful letter to his granddaughters Navya Naveli and Aaradhya. In his letter he urged the two to follow their dreams and not live in the shadows of people's judgment.

Soon after this letter became viral, his movie PINK released and it was clear that the megastar's involvement in this soul-stirring film prompted him to write the said letter.

For the uninitiated, the movie is set in New Delhi and is about a rich 'connected' boy who, along with his friends molests three girls. But an expert retired lawyer Deepak Sehgal (played by Bachchan) comes back from his retirement to fight for these girls.

5 lessons celeb parents want us to learn from the movie PINK

While the movie got rave reviews from the audience and critics alike, it is celebrity parents like Genelia and Ritiesh Deshmukh, who, by simply talking about it have indirectly urged parents to watch it.

Both of them tweeted separately praising the filmmakers for highlighting a rather timely and relevant issue.

As parents themselves, they have clearly realised the very important life lessons that this movie teaches and why all parents of girls must teach their daughters these lessons. Here are a few that you must take a leaf from:

#1 Learn to say 'No'

We often teach our young girls to be obedient and never really to say 'No.' But that's probably not we should be teaching our girls, especially in this day and age when cases of crimes against women have escalated.

It is better that you teach your daughter to refuse what she does not approve of and be firm about it.

#2 Do not depend on others' approval of your own life

The movie also teaches an important lesson, that of not depending on others' approval for making decisions in one's own life. The main protagonists in the movie are shown to be independent strong girls who do not depend on the 'society's' opinion of them.

And even though it may not make one a popular personality, it is better to have your own opinion than follow others'. And that's precisely what we need to teach our girls!

Continue reading to see the other three lessons we must teach our girls!

#3 Learn to be smartly independent

What does that mean? Being independent is one thing but also being smart about living alone is another. Although we teach our daughters to learn to do things on their own, stand on their own feet, we do not teach them how to!

If you really want your daughter to be independent, teach her to trust her instincts and make a decision based on what she feels will keep her safe!

#4 Do not follow people blindly

Your daughter will have many friends and acquaintances in her life, but not all of them will be trustworthy. But that does not mean, she shouldn't trust anybody.

We must teach our daughters to first trust themselves and their own judgment to make friends and take complete responsibility of their own actions.

#5 Believe in yourself and use your voice

Finally, if we want to teach our daughters something important, it should be to believe in themselves. Trusting our own self can help us understand everything around us better and also be more aware.

As mothers, it is our duty to teach our girls the importance of having a voice and speaking up wherever necessary. If we want our daughters to be able to take care of themselves, these qualities are imperative.


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