How parents can raise goal oriented, driven children

How parents can raise goal oriented, driven children

Generally speaking, there are two ways to raise kids: to be content, and to strive for more. But, is there a way for parents to teach both? Learn more here.

Parents, ask yourselves this: is the way your raise your children heart-driven or mind-driven? Do you teach your children to be content in life, or to achieve and strive for better?

As it stands, being content is usually derived from the heart, and striving to achieve more is associated with the mind. Where do you lie on the spectrum? Which one is the best method? Better yet--are these types of parenting methods mutually exclusive?

raise goal oriented, driven children

Well, the goal is to find balance in both styles in order to create a clear sense of direction in kids. If your child is too content, they'll never challenge themselves; they'll be complacent. Comparatively, if your child obsesses over reaching the next goal, they'll never take time to appreciate their achievements.

So, how can moms and dads like yourselves help kids reach a healthy balance of contentment and goal-oriented mindsets? By fully understanding what both aspects mean.

You see, both contentment and achievement can yield happiness. Teaching kids to be content in life will entail humility, not being greedy, being happy for others, not being jealous, and not being hard on one's self when things do not go their way, reports Parent Herald.

Teaching achievement on the other hand entails perseverance, setting clear goals, and becoming competent in a healthy way. You need to balance all these so your kid will grow as a holistically responsible and loving person.

Contentment and achievement may at times take it's roots from pride and this should not be the case. As parents, it is important to equip children ahead in the starting line with the best lesson called "love".

raise goal oriented, driven children

It is through love that our children can find balance in being content and satisfied, while also being driven to achieve higher levels of success. Therefore, love should be the driving force behind both contentment and achievement.

Sounds easy enough, right? Teach kids to utilize love to be content, and to achieve. Great in theory. But, how do we as parents do this? By setting an example. Kids imitate everything we do, and in order to have them understand the importance of being satisfied, while still wishing to strive for more, we have to set the example. We must show them the power of love and how it can help us to balance out everything in our lives!

Looking for more insightful tips and tricks? Check out this (next page) informative video to help your kids set goals and be on the road to success!

This article was based on a post shared by Parent Herald

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