10 Parenting habits that create a life long bond with your child

10 Parenting habits that create a life long bond with your child

These parenting habits are important if you want to have a strong bond with your child, even if they're all grown up!

Maintaining a strong relationship with your child at a young age is very important since that bond establishes how your relationship will be as they grow older.

It's a bit tricky, but with these tips, you can be sure that you'll have a strong bond with your child, even if they're all grown up!

1. Eat together as a family

Eating as a family during mealtime is very important to build a strong bond with your child. It's a time of the day when your focus can be on each other, and you can share what happened throughout the day.

Bonding during mealtime is important, so make it a point to bring your family together and share anything interesting or fun stories that happened in your day.

2. Learn to put aside your work and focus on your child

For working parents, it's pretty hard to learn when to set aside their work, especially if they're on call, or if they also do some work at home.

But, it's very important to learn when to set aside your work, turn off your phone, and get off your computer, and just bond with your child. They'll appreciate it if you can take some time out of your busy day to take care of them and show them that despite your busy schedule, you make it a point to spend some quality time with them everyday.

3. Physical contact is important

This is pretty self-explanatory, but simple physical contact such as hugging your child and kissing them does wonders when it comes to strengthening your bond.

4. Use technology to your advantage

These days, kids are getting more and more tech-savvy which means that moms and dads need to keep up with the technology as well.

If they have some favorite videos to watch on Youtube, or if they're using a new app to get in touch with their friends, you can try and use those things in order to learn more about your kid's like, dislikes, and show them that you can still keep up with technology.

5. Get to know their friends

Parents should make it a point to get to know who their child's friends are. It's a good way of learning more about the types of people they keep company, as well as a good way for you to be a part of your child's life.

6. Get to know their interests

A good way of getting closer to your child would be to get to know their interests. If possible, it's also good if you can try and participate in the things that they're interested in, whether it's a sport, a video game, or a new TV show.

8. Share a hobby with your child

Sharing a hobby with your child creates a lifelong bond that only you and your child can share. It's also a great time to bond with your child and learn new things about them, just as they're learning new things about you.

9. Always tuck them into bed at night

Tucking your child into bed at night is a great way of keeping a close relationship with your child. It's a simple but sweet gesture, and your child will always be happy to have you show them your love, and make them feel safe by tucking them into bed.

10. Learn when to let go

Sometimes, giving your child space and learning to let go is the way to be closer with your child. Let them explore their boundaries, let them make mistakes and learn from them. Parents can't always guide their kids, since kids need to learn some things on their own. What's important is that you're there to support them, and lend a helping hand if they ask for your help.

Source: parenting.com

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