Painting your room pink can be bad for your pregnancy... Read on!

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Small changes in your bedroom in compliance with vastu can help you sail through those crucial nine months with ease

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The science of vastu shastra can help you sail through those crucial nine months with ease

Motherhood is a desired phase of life. But it can be a troublesome one as well. Fret not, for you can do away with this trouble by making some basic changes in your bedroom. Vastu shastra has certain recommendations about the direction of the room as well as the colour that can prove to be beneficial. Read on to know more.

Direction of the bedroom

Sleeping in the right direction is vital for a healthy pregnancy. Ideally, you must sleep in the southwest direction of the house. This direction has the natural power which imparts safety to the child in your womb. Sleeping in this direction also helps you seek blessings of the offspring’s forefathers.

For a peaceful sleep, it is also recommended that you sleep with your head positioned towards the south or the east direction. However, if you bedroom is not in the southwest direction, then you can opt for either west or the east-northeast directions.

Sleeping in the east-southeast direction is a strict no-no as this part of your house can potentially increase the chances of fluctuations in the blood pressure, leading to stress. As per vastu shastra, such changes must be made at least a month before delivery.

Colour of the bedroom

Apart from the direction of the bed, even the colour of the room and the interiors can also play a pivotal role. If your bedroom is located in the southern or the southeastern part of the house, you must avoid using shades of blue, grey and black.

Similarly, avoid shades of red, pink and green for a room in the southwest direction. If you plan to place a picture of a child in your room, then it should not be done between the south and southwest direction.

Position of the closet

Ideally, your personal closet should be in the west-southwest or south-southeast direction. These directions are known to give physical and mental strength. Also, it is advisable to place a picture of your ancestors in a golden frame on a western wall of the room in the southwest direction. This will ensure that the baby keeps getting their blessings. This powerful vastu remedy will also help the baby inculcate your family’s moral values and become a good person.

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