Ouch! Kajol conveniently ignores cousin Rani Mukerji at a function as sister Tanisha hugs her! (Video inside)

Ouch! Kajol conveniently ignores cousin Rani Mukerji at a function as sister Tanisha hugs her! (Video inside)

Rani's proximity with Karan Johar, Kajol's new foe, could be the reason for her behaviour.

It's very well known in tinsel town that cousins Rani Mukherji and cousin Kajol don't see eye to eye. But now that both are young mothers one was expecting them to act a little mature and at least greet each other at social functions, if not meet at a personal level.

However, some people refuse to grow up and forget about their past differences and looks like Kajol and Rani are one of them. This was quite evident when Kajol refused to even acknowledge Rani when she arrived with hubby Ajay Devgn and sister Tanisha at the HT Style awards in Delhi, where Rani was also present and was making her first public appearance after three years.

In fact, Kajol and Rani were sitting close to one another and were only a feet apart as seen in this picture, but no one even turned to say hello, despite being close cousins. Kajol and Ajay, however, went up to greet Shahid Kapoor, Alia Bhatt and Siddharth Malhotra who were sitting at the same table as Rani. Yes, that's right!

What's more shocking is that Tanisha, on the other hand, went up to Rani and hugged her warmly! And, if that was not enough, when Rani's name was announced as "the most stylish women of substance", Kajol, who was standing behind, did not even clap for her! Even her husband Ajay seemed to be disinterested in even looking at her.

Don't believe what we're talking about, watch this video that's going viral this week:

Queen and #ajaydevgan & #sidhartmalhotra & #aliabhatt &#shahidkapoor at #htmoststylish ???? ویدیویی دیدنی از مراسم #htmoststylish چند شب پیش?? دراین مراسم ملکه کاجول مثل الماس درخشید اما ظاهرا این درخشش باعث ناراحتی بعضیا هم شده.... ادب وشعور هر فردی از نوع رفتارش با دیگران معلوم میشه و به سن وسال هیچ ارتباطی ندارد... همینطور که در این ویدیو می بینید آلیا که نسبت به هنرپیشه های بالیوود کم سن وساله به محض دیدن آجی وکاجول بلند شد ورفت سمتشون و احوالپرسی کرد همینطور شاهدو سید... و تانیشا که رانی بزرگتر‌از ایشونه رفت سمتش و احوالپرسی کرددر واقع اینا شعورولیاقت خودشون رو ثابت کردند امایکی هم مثل رانی بااینکه کاجول دخترعموش و بزرگتر ازخودش بود به قول خودمون خودشو به کوچه علی چپ زد .... واقعا جای تاسف داره..... @[email protected] #kajol#kajoldevgan #queenkajol #ajaykajol #ajaydevgan #queenofbollywood

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News reports say that Kajol's infamous tiff with Karan Johar could also be a reason for Kajol's behaviour as Rani is really close to the ace director. In fact, Rani even visited his twins recently.

The fight started after Ajay claimed that Karan had offered money to Kamal R Khan to promote Ae Dil… which was releasing the same time as Shivaay.  Karan also discussed how he was hurt by the whole episode in his book The Unsuitable Boy.

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Karan also stated that the problem was never between Kajol and him. "The problem was between her husband and me, something which only he knows about, she knows about and I know about. I want to keep it at that. I felt that if she's not going to acknowledge 25 years of friendship, if she wants to support her husband, that's her prerogative.At some outer level I understood it," he writes in the book.

Why bonding with cousins is essential...

India is known for its huge joint families and we've always given a lot of importance to family bonding and togetherness. All of us remember how much fun we had when we used to have fun playing with our cousins during family functions and gatherings.

  • Festivals are fun with cousins: Festivals become much more fun and kids not only learn to share and care, they also understand the importance of staying together as a family unit.
  • Your only child is not lonely after all: This becomes very important in today's times as most and most couples now do not want to have a second child. At such times, cousins can provide the love and affection to your child like his own sibling.
  • Creating memories for generations: Parents also forget that our kids emulate us and if you invest a lot of time in creating healthy, happy relationships in your family, your kids would do the same. Now just imagine how it would help in creating wonderful memories for generations to come.

While we're sure that both Kajol and Rani would have thought about it, the fact is that cousins hold a special place in your life and help in creating happy family memories that stay with you for life. And now that both of them have kids, it's another opportunity for them to re-ignite a bond that is so so special.

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