An open letter to all the Pratyushas

An open letter to all the Pratyushas

This is an open letter to all the women who are unfortunate victims of abusive relationships, just like the much-loved actor, Pratyusha Banerjee

Hi Pratyusha,

Do you remember me? We bumped into some parties at Meher’s place and I was introduced by Meher to you as her 'crazy friend,' which you said perfectly suited my personality. We last met on March 8, 2016, International Woman’s Day; an irony, since it's the day we officially proclaim that ‘Women rock and are rock strong.’

That evening I wondered and even asked Meher, why you had brought your boyfriend along? I ignored him, your intimacy to him and your discomfort of being with him. She did mention that you were having some relationship issues but I blatantly told her, "If she has issues, ask her to leave him."

You were to leave ‘HIM’ Pratyusha, not the world.

Today I regret not having paid enough attention to you and your boyfriend that evening. I should have mingled more with you. Like most curious women wanting to know what’s happening in each one’s life, I too should have been constantly digging up your relationship diary to get the dope! Unfortunately, I chose to remain my non-interfering self!

I saw you were disturbed, but then you had brought the disturbance along. We merely exchanged superficial toasts with your boyfriend around.

That evening we all decided to leave you alone…but not to die.

It saddens me to see that you chose the easiest way out of the problem/relationship that you were in. You should have been stronger and chosen to live. Not to live with it but to live strongly enough to get out of it. We and many more were there for you. All you needed was just to reach out!

I haven’t stopped thinking of one thing for last two days. What is the level you have to reach in a relationship to kill yourself? Is it blind infinite love that one wants to prove for the other? Is it the baggage that comes along making you feel like you can’t live anymore? Is it the comfort zone of self-inflicted depression and misery that becomes discomforting after a while?

To Pratyusha, and many more who have chosen to disrespect the gift of life- Your problems in no way are bigger than your belief.

Your belief lies in you. No one has the power to make you feel inferior without your consent! Never ever give up on YOU. If you need someone to lift you up, do reach out to women like us who will only reinstate the belief that YOU too are a SUPERWOMAN!



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