Husband's fiery reply to wife's accusations on FB will shock you

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Saurabh Kapoor's 'befitting' reply to his wife's accusations and online public shaming on Facebook makes us rethink the whole deal served to us by such platforms. To judge or not to judge becomes the question now

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Like all things popular, social media too has been receiving its share of brickbats, courtesy the number of people using, misuing and abusing its privileges. One such case is that of Delhi-based Saurabh Kapoor and his ex-wife, who indulged in some mudslinging on the very public platform of Facebook.

Since we aren’t aware of the true nature of what conspired between the couple, we felt it’s just fair to not take a stand without knowing both versions of the actual incidents. And that’s precisely why we are bringing this to your notice, so that you take a well-informed call before labelling people and getting judgemental.

What do you think about these acts of online public shaming? Please share in the Comment box below.

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