Who should be the one to initiate sex? The husband, or the wife?

Who should be the one to initiate sex? The husband, or the wife?

For married couples, it can sometimes be difficult to be the one to initiate sex, especially since couples can sometimes feel shy about telling their respective partners that they want to have sex.

There's nothing wrong with telling your spouse that you want to have sex

Regarding the topic of who should initiate sex, Dr. Lulu Marquez shares, "Shouldn't the husband initiate? Hindi ba dapat lalaki lang mag-initiate? That's old-school mentality. 'Yang idea that men must initiate either because sex is for men, sex is only for men, that's ridiculous," Dr. Marquez adds. "If you want to make love, you should initiate... lalaki ka man o babae ka, especially the wife, you should initiate."

She adds that couples who got used to not having sex on a regular basis can sometimes have an unhappy marriage, as sex is a vital part of a marriage.

It can happen to anyone, even newlyweds

Dr. Lulu also added that the lack of sex doesn't just happen for couples who've been married a long time, it can also happen to newlyweds, since in some cases they're still embarrassed when the topic of sex comes up.

Dr. Lulu also has some tips that she wants to share with wives who are scared or too embarrassed about initiating sex with their husbands, "Papakita mo na gusto mo... Do show enthusiasm," she shares. "Don't beat around the bush... and be active," she adds.

She also emphasizes the importance of being proactive when it comes to intercourse and that it should be a give and take relationship wherein both the husband and the wife's sexual needs are satisfied.

Source: news.abs-cbn.com

Republished with permission from The Asianparent Philippines

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Jan Alwyn

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