Look who's back! Once a supermodel Madhu Sapre is now a happy stay-at-home mum!

India's first super model and Miss India(1992), Madhu Sapre has now ditched the glamour and showbiz world to be a stay-at-home mum

She was in controversy after she featured naked in an ad with model Milind Soman for a popular shoe brand in the 90s. However, India’s first super model and Miss India(1992) Madhu Sapre has now ditched the glamour and showbiz world to be a stay-at-home mum.

Sapre left Mumbai in 2001 after she married Italian businessman Gian Maria Emendatori. She live in a Riccione now, a small town on the east coast of Italy. Her daughter, Indira, turns four on May 10 and Madhu is currently gearing up for her birthday celebrations.

“I am getting all her friends together for the party. I’m hoping it is sunny on Tuesday and the kids can play on the beach,” she says with excitement.

Living a normal life: Madhu Sapre

Sapre is now living a fairy-tale life in an Italian town which has a population of only 30,000 and she is quite happy with it. “It has taken me all these years to make friends in the community and for them to get to know me.”

But, there are times that she misses Mumbai. “I watched The Lunchbox yesterday, and I started crying. The dabbawallas and the train rides… I was raised in Andheri and travelled in trains, ate street food. I miss all that. It is squeaky clean here, but when I visit Bombay, I make it a point to go eat vada pao and pani puri,” she says.

Supermodel Madhu Sapre

Image courtesy: HT Brunch

However, Sapre took to her changes life quite well after the hectic time she spent in Mumbai and took it up as challenge.

“I can say confidently that I now speak Italian very well,” says the multi-lingual Maharastrian, who can also speak Hindi, a little Sanskrit and English. In her modelling days however, Sapre says, “I couldn’t speak English and everyone made fun of my accent.”

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She is making every effort to teach her daughter Marathi and English and even Italian. “Sometimes Indira speaks gibberish with a twang and pretends she is speaking Marathi,” laughs Sapre.

“She does that in front of other kids to show she knows another language. So now I have to start teaching her Marathi seriously.”

The Joy of motherhood

Sapre had a tough time conceiving and it took her six years to get pregnant. “We thought we wouldn’t be able to have a child, though we hadn’t found a reason why I wasn’t getting pregnant.”

Her daughter Indira is now the centre of her life and she is happy to be a stay-at-home mum by choice as she “didn’t want Indira to grow up with a nanny”.

Madhu Sapre

Image courtesy: HT Brunch

Surprisingly, Indira eats everything and is not a fussy-eater. “I never ran after her to make her eat. She has play time, sleep time, eating time, and knows what to expect from her day,” she adds.

Her parenting philosophy is simple. “At times, she tears pages from books and I let her do that. It is important to discipline children without breaking their spirit. I don’t want my child to be what I want her to be. I want her to be the best she is.I was close to my parents. I want her to have that”

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