OMG! Tusshar Kapoor did not share his surrogacy plans with his family including mum Shobha Kapoor!

OMG! Tusshar Kapoor did not share his surrogacy plans with his family including mum Shobha Kapoor!

Yes, that's right!

Tusshar Kapoor became the center of everyone's attention the moment he broke the news that he has been blessed with a son via surrogacy. Everyone wondered how could such a secret be kept from the media, but what if we told you that he even hid the details from his won family. Yes, that's right!

"First the IVF was done, it was successful. Then the surrogacy was done, and it was successful. Mind you, I hadn't told a soul that I am going ahead with this, not even my parents and sister," said Tusshar in an interview to a leading entertainment portal.

However, when it was time the first person he broke the news to was who else but his mother, Shobha Kapoor.
"Yes, I am serious. I first broke the news to my mom. Even if my parents hadn't agreed, I would have still gone ahead and had the baby in the same way," he says.

The night of the baby's birth was really long for the Kapoor family.

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"It was 6 am in the morning when the doctor arrived with the baby to my house. We four- my dad (Jeetendra), mom (Shobha) and sister (Ekta) couldn't sleep a wink the night before. It was the night of June 1, 2016. We had been informed that I have been blessed with a son," reveals Tusshar.

Meanwhile, Laksshya celebrated his birthday last week and the happy dad shared quite a few pics from the party including this video from the cake cutting ceremony.


Tusshar adds that when the baby finally arrived he was the first one to pick the baby.

"Myself (smiles). My parents came down in 5 minutes, and then my life changed completely, "said an excited Tusshar.

Managing Laksshya is not an easy task and Tusshar says that he is lucky that he has a lot of help around him.


"He goes to sleep around 7.30 pm. After that, he wakes up only once for his feed. And of course, there are nights when I don't sleep a wink when he is unwell. Waise, I am lucky that I have a lot of help. As and when I go to work, my mom and dad are around to take care of him," he added.

Tusshar is indeed setting a precedent for other men who want to have a child and raise it single-handedly. However, Tusshar made sure that he involves the whole family in the process so that he can learn the ropes of child rearing from them. That's also a great way to pass on your family's traditional values to your child from an early stage.

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