How cute! Sanjay Dutt takes wife Maanayata and kids on a scooter ride through Agra!

How cute! Sanjay Dutt takes wife Maanayata and kids on a scooter ride through Agra!

Wah! Kya family hai!

Doting wife Maanayata visited her dashing hubby Sanjay Dutt, who is in Agra these days for a shooting, with their children Shahraan and Iqra to spend some quality, family time. And what gala time did they have!

Sanju Baba made this trip super special for his family by taking them on a memorable scooter ride through the small by- lanes of Agra. An elated Maanayata took to Instagram and expressed her excitement.


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We bet the two tots, Shahraan and Iqra, must have been completely amused at this unique gesture by their father. Have a look at some amazing moments the family had together.

Cuter than the post by Maanayata Dutt was the interaction between her and Trishala, the daughter of Sanjay Dutt and his first wife, Richa Sharma. Trishala commented on the post with a kiss emoticon to which mommy Maanayata instantly replied saying ‘ Missing you honey…’ and Trishala reciprocated her feelings.

The much- talked about equation between Maanayata and Trishala seems to have smoothed out since Trishala has accepted Maanayata as part of her family. It’s no surprise that she has also changed her Twitter Bio to ‘The daughter of Sanjay Dutt and Maanayata Dutt’.

How cute! Sanjay Dutt takes wife Maanayata and kids on a scooter ride through Agra!

Here’s how all you Super Dads can be spot on with your bonding games just like Sanjay Dutt...

Now isn’t that some awesome news for Sanjay Dutt? While things are turning for the better on a personal front, he is all geared to start a fresh chapter of his career with Omung Kumar’s, Bhoomi.


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We wish that going forward, Sanju Baba is showered with lots of happiness, laughter and sunshine. It's true that along with Mums, even Dads play an equally important role in the upbringing of their little ones.

Although in the initial years, the mother is the primary caregiver in most cases, fathers should also make an effort to bond with their babies, as secondary caregivers.

  1. Taking out some special time: Dad time, especially for the older children is an absolute essential. We suggest some super, fun and interactive things dads can do with their children.
  2. Sharing stories: Stories are the best for bonding with the children of any age. If you are good at storytelling you can narrate a few at bedtime or even read out your child’s favourite storybook. It’s a sure shot winner.
  3. Get into some rough and tumble play: A classic ‘Masti’ time that children may love to engage in with their dads. Give them that dose of the much- needed physical activity by playing mock boxing, crazy tickling, letting them climb on your shoulders and everything that they may enjoy.
  4. Be their ride: Don’t forget to give them the horse rides, piggybacks or airplain rides. We bet your child will totally cherish these moments with you.
  5. Give Mommy a break from the chores: Take over the house with your little angel and help your wife in the chores, or better even, give her a rest for the day. This will not only help in bonding with your child but also teach him or her about sharing responsibility.
  6. Engage in outdoor activities: Go out with your children alone. Take them to parks or for walks, treks and so on. Spending quality time away from the house makes relationships stronger.

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