Unbelievable! Mumbai’s ‘miracle baby girl’ undergoes12-hour operation, has six heart attacks and SURVIVES!

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The four-month-old 'miracle baby' is all set to go back home!

Just days ahead of Mother's Day, this Mumbai-based mum breathed a sigh of relief after her 'miracle baby girl' survived a 12-hour operation after having suffered SIX heart attacks! Yes, you read that right.

For the past two months, the four-month-old Vidisha has been living in a Parel-based hospital. And her parents Vishaka and Vinod Waghmare have been waiting to take their bundle of joy home.

But now after much effort and lost of prayers, they are finally getting to hold their girl in their arms and take her with them.

What happened to Vidisha?

This brave young baby was not only born with a critical heart condition, but she also reportedly suffered six heart attacks soon after her birth.

While speaking to a leading daily, Vishaka says, "When she was 45-days-old, Vidisha vomited after I fed her and fell unconscious. We shook her awake, but she again became unconscious."

When they rushed Vidisha to a a local nursing home, they were asked to take her to a hospital. So the concerned young parents took her to the B J Wadia Hospital, where Vidisha was diagnosed with a rare heart condition called 'transposition of the great arteries.'

miracle baby

In this condition, "The big arteries called aorta and pulmonary artery are switched. Basically, her heart's anatomy was opposite of a normal heart," Dr Biswa Panda explained. He was the paediatric cardiac surgeon  at the hospital who operated Vidisha on March 14.

But this surgery reportedly posed a lot of problems for Vidisha.

How the 12-hour surgery affected Vidisha?

Since Vidisha was just a few months old and her heart was corrected, her extremely weak lungs could not take the pressure of the change.

"Correction for the transposition of the great arteries should be done immediately after birth. Else, like in Vidisha's case, the poorly formed lung got used to a certain pattern and couldn't adjust to the sudden correction," explained Dr Panda.

This even led to a heart attack and during one of these attacks she took 15 minutes to be resuscitated.

But as of today, Vidisha is back to being a normal baby with normal bodily functions. And she can be back into her parents' arms in no time.

And even though it is a joyous time for the Waghmare couple, they will have to be extra cautious about Vidisha now. Bringing a kid home post operation means there are procedures you must follow with diligence. Here's a low down.

Post-operative care

  • Get all the information: Before your kid is discharged, you will be given all the informed about the present condition of your child, his/her medicines and the precautions you and your kid will need to take once home. If this does not happen, don't hold back and question your doctor about the same.
  • Taking care of your child's body: After an operation, your kid will have incision marks on his body so make sure you check them every day and are diligent with the wound dressing and check for any redness, swelling, liquid draining from the wound and even pain.
  • Help your kid cope with the psychological change: After an operation, you may notice some psychological changes in your kid. This may include a change in sleeping patterns, restlessness, bedwetting or even being more fuzzy and clingy.   But during this time, you need to support your kid and also set limits for him/her.

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