OMG! Karisma Kapoor’s daughter Samaira has grown almost as tall as her!

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Karisma’s daughter is 12-years-old now and is already looking like a charming young lady. 

Someone in Bollywood is sure growing tall and lovely and that’s Karisma Kapoor’s elder daughter Samiara Kapoor. Karisma’s daughter is 12-years-old now and is already looking like a charming young lady. 

On a recent outing, Karisma was spotted with both her kids -- daughter Samiara and son Kian and it was quite nice to see that Samiera now is almost reaching her mum’s height.

Karisma who is often seen with both her kids and also shares pictures of her enjoying kids’ time and treating her kids to their favourite activities is quite a pro mom.

Recently mum Kapoor took both her kids to a Justin Bieber concert in London. Actually, it is Samiara who has a keen interest in music and dancing and we are sure mum Karishma must have organized for this outing keeping her daughter’s interest in mind.

In the past, Karisma has herself admitted that Samiera has a very refined taste in music and is also an avid dancer.

And while it may be very early to say what profession Samiara would choose for herself but the little girl has already displayed her talent in the past. A couple of years’ ago Samiara made a short film titled, Be Happy. The film was chosen to be screened at the International Children’s Film Festival in Hyderabad.

So whether the lovely girl decides a career in front of the camera or behind it time will tell but for now it's lovely to see her go through this growth spurt and watch her go tall!

Everything you need to know about adolescent growth spurts

As children near their teenage years they often go through growth spurts. During this time they go through sudden height gain. An adolescent may even grow several inches within a short span of few months. However the sudden growth does not continue for long and is followed by periods of usual growth.

The period of physical growth also brings along a growing mental maturity in kids. Usually, it is also the time when kids start thinking about their interests and the vocation they may want to pursue. It is always advised to let kids imagine and encourage them in their future vision.

During this time kids also show an increased need for independence. It is a good practice to let kids take responsibilities under watchful eyes. It is also recommended to encourage kids to start planning their day and also get involved with them in discussing their lives.

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