OMG! Celina Jaitly's pregnant with twins again; due in October

OMG! Celina Jaitly's pregnant with twins again; due in October

The actress is in her second trimester and gearing up for the challenge ahead.

Well, well well... we've often heard that history repeats itself but if this statement holds true for anyone it has to be yummy mummy Celina Jaitly.

The actress is pregnant again and is expecting twins this time as well! Yes, that's right!

The actress is already mummy to two twin boys, Winston and Viraaj and the couple was initially shocked to learn that they're expecting twins again.

"Doctor was doing ultrasound and Peter asked the doctor if it is twins this time too. Doctor said yes and we both were initially shocked," Celina told a leading national daily.

OMG! Celina Jaitly's pregnant with twins again; due in October

However, the couple is exhilarated to be parents to multiple children."We were exhilarated because the first thing that came in our mind was that we are the chosen one. We are God fearing and we feel God chooses special people to be parents of multiple children," she added.


Celina is also gearing up to face the challenge and is keeping her mother's advice in mind that there's no right or wrong way to be a parent.


"My mother always advised me that there is no perfect way to be a mother and father, but there are a million ways to be a good parent.I have always believed there are no rules to be parent. My husband is 100 per cent involved in the pregnancy and we both take our responsibilities seriously as parents,"

We wish the couple all the best and are waiting to see pictures of the mummy-to-be and her cute little baby bump.

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