Balika Vadhu actress Pratyusha Banerjee was forced into prostitution by boyfriend Rahul Singh, say reports

Balika Vadhu actress Pratyusha Banerjee was forced into prostitution by boyfriend Rahul Singh, say reports

"I didn’t come here to sell myself, I came here to act," Pratyusha is heard saying in the telephone transcript to Rahul Singh.

Ballika Vadhu fame actor Pratyusha Banerjee's suicide shocked the whole country, especially her friends from the television industry. And if that was not enough, murkier details emerged every day after that and some reports even stated that the actress had an abortion days before her suicide.

Now after six months of her death, the mystery of her suicide has still not been solved. A fresh report published in a leading newspaper now reveals that the actress was allegedly forced into prostitution by her boyfriend at that time, Rahul Singh.

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In the transcript that is exclusively available with the, Pratyusha told Rahul: “I f*** so hard. In my life, I f*** so hard for everything. I didn’t come here to sell myself, I came here to act. Where are you putting me today? Rahul you have no idea how bad I am feeling right now.”

She also goes on to say that everybody calls her characterless, while she's not like that in real life. That Pratyusha was extremely disturbed at the time of her death is evident from her statements in the transcripts.

She kept on saying: “You are selfish... you are spoiling my name. People are talking about me... my mom and dad are termed ghatiya. Rahul, it's over. I am over. Main khatam……mar gayi baby…mat aao”.

However, when Rahul still asked for some time to reach her place, she retorted, saying:  “Half an hour…I wouldn’t be alive after 10 minutes.”

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There is also a statement which validates the fact that Pratyusha was indeed pregnant and had an abortion before her death. A line in the transcript has a talk about the unborn baby: "Child…child..child will not be born now.”

"This conversation happened between Rahul and Partyusha just before her death. In this conversation, it is very clear that she was forced into prostitution by Rahul, as later on in the same phone call she has used the word 'prostitution'," says Neeraj Gupta, the lawyer for Pratyusha's parents Soma and Shankar Banerjee told Mumbai Mirror.

However, Rahul Singh has said that he was only supporting Pratyusha as she was being pressurized by her parents. "She was telling me that her mom and dad wanted her to earn money anyhow, and she was complaining about them. She had no money and I was supporting her," he said.

When kids leave their homes for better prospects

While Pratyusha's parents are taking up her case now, it is saddening to know that they couldn't see the signs of her disturbed state of mind when she was alive. Ideally, her parents should have visited her and even stayed with her if they knew that she was having a turbulent relationship and a disturbed life.

There are many Indian teens who leave their hometown and their families for bigger cities in search for better opportunities. However, at such times parents should always keep a check on their kids and check from time to time to ensure that they're doing fine. Here are a few things parents, who have children staying away from home, must do:

1. Call your children regularly: While kids do not like it sometimes, parents should call their kids every day and not just in times of need. Have friendly conversations with your children so that they open up and do not hide things from you.

2. Visit them as much as you can: Keep visiting your kids from time to time to make them feel loved and special. Help them set up their new place and visit the local neighbourhood to see if they are living in a friendly environment.

3. Have a trusted friend or relative watch over them: It's always good to have a trusted friend or relative who can keep a watch on your child and also help him in distress.

4. Send them cards and letters frequently: Make your kids feel special and loved by sending them cards and letters to help them stay connected to their family and roots.

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