OMG! An 11-day-old falls into boiling water after he slips from his father's arms

OMG! An 11-day-old falls into boiling water after he slips from his father's arms

In a freak accident at home, an 11-day-old baby was left fighting for his life.

But heavy bedding and too many soft toys in his crib can also be extremely dangerous.

If you are faint-hearted, this article is not for you.

In a shocking incident, an 11-day-old Pune baby fell into boiling hot water and suffered 80 percent burns on his body after he reportedly slipped from his father's arms.

The child's father Mohammed Sagir Shaikh (45), was trying to pick up a bucket filled with boiling hot water, while holding his baby when the horrid accident took place.

Boiling water scalds the newborn!

The child who wasn't even given a name yet, is now in a critical state and admitted to Sassoon General Hospital in Pune.

boiling water

"The child is in a critical condition. His father has also sustained burn injuries on his leg and hands," police officials told a daily.

They also added, "The infant's mother had massaged the child with oil and kept him near the window in the hall of their one-bedroom flat on the first floor of the building for sun bath. Around this time, Shaikh put an immersion rod in a bucket for heating water in the bedroom, which was to be used to bathe the child."

It was after the went to pick up the immersion rod that the child who was covered in oil, slipped from Shaikh's arms. And even though he sprung into action and tried to pick up his baby from the boiling water, both had sustained severe burn injuries.

While the baby is currently in critical condition and we hope he recovers soon, this case unfortunately reminds us of the importance of safety measures around a newborn. There are certain safety measure all new parents must be privy to.

Babyproofing: 5 household hazards you must be careful about

  • Kitchen area: It's a known fact that an infant can severely injure himself if he comes in close contact with hot pots and pans in the kitchen area. So make sure to babyproof your kitchen and if you are keen to keep an eye on him while you finish your kitchen chores, make sure to install a play area. Also keep your oven and microwave doors shut around around your baby.
  • Bedding: Heavy bedding and too many soft toys in a newborn's crib can also be extremely dangerous. It can even lead to SIDS. Keep his crib simple and clean and do not add soft toys or fluffy padding. Also make sure to not leave too many pillow and use a firm mattress for sleeping. Another important factor to keep in mind is to not overheat the bed. This could make breathing difficult for your baby.

boiling water

  • Second-hand baby gear: We often reuse older kids' baby gear or buy them online, but sometimes crucial parts go missing and they become more dangerous than safe for the baby. So before using old clothes or toys or even baby gear such as high chairs, make sure to inspect it properly and do not buy anything that is over 5 years old, for safety purpose.
  • Baby oil: Many baby oils often contain liquid hydrocarbons and can be dangerous for your baby if it enters his eyes or ears. So make sure to read all the labels properly and keep the lids closed at all times and the bottles away from the reach of your baby.
  • Your purse: Yes, you read that right! More often than not a purse may look harmless, but it can be quite dangerous around a baby. In his inquisitiveness he may try to open it and play with notes (that are unhygienic most of the times) and even coins. Remember, it only takes a second for a curious baby to run after a new object, so keep a close watch on your baby but also try to keep his play area clean and safe.

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