Olivia Wilde’s son’s love for Beyoncé is beyond adorable

Olivia Wilde’s son’s love for Beyoncé is beyond adorable

Hollywood actress Olivia Wilde shares details of her son's love for Grammy-award winning Beyonce It's the cutest thing you'll see today.

If you ever thought that you’re Beyonce’s biggest fan, think again.

TV and film actress Olivia Wilde, stopped by the Ellen Degeneres show on her birthday and revealed just how much her little one adores Queen Bey!

“To be honest, I just had not thought about it. I think once you have a kid, their birthdays are so much more fun to think about.” And so all I’m thinking about is Otis’ birthday next month, which is number two, which is much more exciting than thirty-two. That is going to be the party to be at!” said Wilde.

And will his birthday party theme be? A Beyoncé listening/appreciation/dance-off party, of course.

Watch Olivia tell Ellen the adorable story below.

During this interview, Wilde reveals, “His love for Beyonce has hit a fever pitch.” Though she approves, she thinks it’s gotten intense. Olivia inadvertently started the young tot’s love affair with Grammy-award winning singer when they were on a plane.

“You know how a lot of moms have on their iPads a kids’ show — an appropriate-for-kids program, like an Elmo and such? I didn’t, and we were on an airplane and I needed … a distraction tool immediately,” she recounts. “All I had was all of Beyoncé’s videos from her last album, and so I just put those on for him.”

One video in particular grabbed his attention and that was the Yonce video which, Olivia describes is “arguably the most sexually explicit video ever made.” Ever since then, Otis hasn’t been able to get enough of the woman he now calls “Beyoncé Boobies.”

At a recent NBA game, Otis had his first Beyonce sighting! Sadly, she was way too far for him to hear but that didn’t stop the determined tot from calling out her name, while he stood on his dad’s knee.

Ellen found the young boy’s love for ‘Queen Bey’ so endearing that, at the end of the interview, she gave Wilde everything she needed to throw the best birthday bash for Otis!

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See more of Olivia’s cute son on her Instagram account.

Hey, bra.

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