This is how obesity can wreck your child's brain

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Obesity can cause poor memory in an individual which in turn could hamper their growth and development in educational field as well as work field.

In today’s world, obesity is on a rise in children as they are spending more time in front of their laptop screens rather than the playground. Obesity can cause multiple harmful effects like heart related troubles, increased stress levels, low energy levels and decrease in productivity of an individual.

According to a recent study obesity can also cause one more trouble in an individual’s life--forgetfulness. Obesity can cause poor memory in an individual which in turn could hamper their growth and development in educational field as well as work field.

Researchers from University of Cambridge in the UK tested 50 participants aged 18-35, with body mass indexes (BMIs) ranging from 18 to 51. According to the BMI Scale, the BMI of 18-25 is considered healthy, 25-30 overweight, and over 30 obese.

The participants took part in a memory test known as the 'Treasure-Hunt Task', where they were asked to hide items around complex scenes (for example, a desert with palm trees) across two 'days'. They were then asked to remember which items they had hidden, where they had hidden them, and when they were hidden.

What the study says

The results found by the team indicated that higher the BMI, poorer was the performance. The structural and functional changes in the brain found in those with higher BMI indicates reduced ability to retrieve or remember episodic memories.

As per the final result of University of Cambridge, obesity has been linked with dysfunction of the hippo-campus, an area of the brain involved in memory and learning, and of the frontal lobe, the part of the brain involved in decision making, problem solving and emotions, suggesting that it might also affect memory. The findings were published in The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology.

Every parent should work towards preventing obesity in their children right from their play school years. Here are 3 tips that will prevent your child from obesity:

#1 Small Meals

Give your child one meal in every 2-3 hours, this will keep the child’s metabolism fast and healthy since their childhood. These small meals will also keep your child’s stomach full and make your child feel energetic throughout the day.

#2 Play Dates

Set up play dates with other parents and kids. It is very important for your children to play out in the field during their growing up years. This will increase your child’s stamina and will prevent your child in becoming a lazy couch potato which can cause obesity.

#3 Reduce Junk

Junk food could speed up the process of becoming obese 10 times faster. As it is not easy to eliminate junk completely from kid’s lives, it is very important to reduce it. Give your child 2 days a week to indulge in all kinds of foods. However, it is extremely important to only feed healthy home food during the rest of the week for the well being and good health of your child.

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