Nysa and Yug complain about mum Kajol to dad Ajay for THIS reason!

Nysa and Yug complain about mum Kajol to dad Ajay for THIS reason!

Ajay Devgn seems to be the buffer between his extremely strict wife and his kids for a very specific reason.

Doting parents Kajol and Ajay Devgn are still getting used to a house without their darling daughter Nysa. The 14-year-old is currently studying in the prestigious United College of Southeast Asia, Singapore, and is being sorely missed by her family.

In fact, right after she left, Kajol was so emotional that she shared a throwback picture of Nysa, which led to a very sweet banter between her and daughter Nysa.

But that doesn't mean they are still not strict with her or her younger brother Yug.

In fact, in a candid confession dad Ajay Devgn revealed that Kajol is very strict mum and they often complain about a very specific habit of hers to him.

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"They come and complain to me"

The 48-year-old revealed to a daily, “Kajol is the strict one, and handles the discipline of the house. What (Nysa and Yug) don’t get from her, they come and complain to me, and I give them whatever they want. But I also say, ‘Don’t tell this to your mom!’”

He also shared that even though the three try to keep it from Kajol, but she finds out and that means more work for Devgn.

"First, she gets annoyed. I ask her to calm down, and then I tell her that it’s my decision!” reveals the Shivaay actor.

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"However indulgent I might be, I draw some lines"

But the actor clarifies that even though he gives in to their demand, he draws the line at some point.

“However indulgent I might be, I draw some lines," he says adding that since his own upbringing is middle class, he wants the same values in his kids as well.

"My upbringing at home has been typically very middle-class. Me having a very big house and everything doesn’t change things. I still live in a joint family; my parents (Veeru and Veena Devgn) stay with me. The kind of upbringing my kids have got is also similar. They know what’s right and wrong,” says the doting father.

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"Hopefully I have brought them up well enough"

In fact, even though Kajol from a family of actors she also believes in imparting traditional values in her kids while still being friendly with them.

She recently shared, "As for my relationship with my children, I hope it keeps changing with time, age and maturity for one reason that at one point of time I felt they were quite helpless."

The Dilwale actor further added, "They grew into being individuals and hopefully I have brought them up well enough that I know a good mother and god willing I will turn into a great friend eventually."

It is quite clear that the Devgans do not want their kids to end up being starry and like any other celeb kid. No wonder then their primary focus is to bring up children who are respectful and well educated.

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Honestly speaking, sometimes these so-called middle class values are quite helpful in pushing kids towards success. Here's how they help.

  • Make kids responsibility: Giving into every demand of your child will never help them learn gratitude. So ask them to earn their buck from the very beginning. It could be through small chores in the house or taking responsibility of an item in the house or something as basic as baby sitting.
  • Help them learn how to share: You do not have to drag your child to an NGO to prove what sharing means. You can begin at home. Ask your kids to share their time with their elders or enroll them in community outreach programmes in order for them to understand its importance.

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