Nurse adopts baby with serious birth defect she cared for in the hospital

Nurse adopts baby with serious birth defect she cared for in the hospital

After 18 months of caring for little Nicole, who was given up due to her condition, Amber knew that she was meant to be her adoptive mother

Twin girls were born in Albuquerque, New Mexico. But only one of them would come home with their biological family.

When she was born, 3-year old Nicole Boyd, seemed to have the odds stacked up against her. Aside from being born prematurely, Nicole also suffered from a serious birth defect known as omphalocele a “condition in which part of the intestine, covered only by a transparent sac, protrudes outside the abdomen.”

In Nicole’s case, this included her stomach, intestines, liver, gall-bladder, and spleen.

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Sadly, this was more than her biological family could handle and so she was put in state custody. Her twin, however, (whose identity has been kept anonymous), is now being cared for by her biological family.

The first 18 months of Nicole’s life were spent in the hospital, where she was placed under the care of a nurse named Amber. Being little Nicole’s primary caregiver, Amber form a deep attachment to the newborn.

“The first day I met her actually…I just remember walking into her room, just instantly feeling an attachment,” Amber recalls, as reported by KOB 4, a local news station in New Mexico.

When the New Mexico Children, Youth, and Families Department (CYFD) finally found a foster home for Nicole, Amber realized that the child belonged with her.

Amber’s husband, Taylor, was surprised by her decision to adopt Nicole but he tells KOB News that his wife Amber seemed sure about her decision.

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Soon, they petitioned to be more than just foster parents but to adopt Nicole officially.

The judge granted them full parental rights last February 23, 2016.

“We had all our family and friends supporting us. The courtroom was packed. It was great. We were all bawling and crying, but it was wonderful,” marvels Amber.

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Nicole still undergoes therapy five days a week and she can only begin to communicate freely once her trach tube (which helps her to breathe normally) is removed.

With a loving family by her side, we have no doubt the young fighter will grow up healthy and happy.

Watch the full report below.

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