Just in: This cellphone App can tell you why your baby is crying

Just in: This cellphone App can tell you why your baby is crying

Taiwanese researchers have developed an app that identifies why your baby is crying and is a probably the best invention for new parents. Here's why

There is some good news for new parents who are still trying to figure out why their baby is wailing. A team of researchers from the National Taiwan University Hospital, Yunlin, Taiwan, have developed an app called The Infant Cries Translator that can distinguish between four separate crying sounds.

The new mobile app, that has especially been developed for smartphone users can identify between cries when the baby is hungry, in pain, sleepy or has a wet diaper.

In order to develop the app, the researchers collected almost 200,000 crying sounds from a database of about 100 babies.

How it works

The Infant Cries Translator is easy to operate and works the following way.

  • Download the app and set the birth date and nationality of the baby
  • When the baby starts crying, the user has to push the 'Record' button for 10 secs.
  • Once recorded, the sound would be uploaded on the users Cloud Drive
  • The app then analyses the results in 15secs and flashes the result on the users handset

The researchers claim that the app is 92 percent reliable for infants below 2 weeks of age. It's accuracy, however, decreases to 77 percent as the child grows upto four months. This app becomes less accurate as the baby grows further.

It is now available on android and iPhone.

Take a look at the video to understand how the app actually works:

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Deepshikha Punj

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