Mums, the nose ring trend has made a fashionable comeback!

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Vidya Balan's collection of nose rings is giving is major fashion goals

In an age where celebrities love to follow western fashion, actor Vidya Balan has chosen to tread a traditional path. While she may not be a flag bearer of western brands, there's one thing she can certainly take credit for- making desi wear trendy again.

Whether it was bringing the saree back into the fashion scene or making silver jewellery 'cool' again, she's done it all comfortably. In fact, by her own admission she loves desi style, especially the saree.

Balan's love for all things desi

In an interview once Balan said, "I took to the sari with a vengeance. I could live in a sari, I was born to wear a sari. I'm so glad I wear it so often now."

She also shared her preference for traditional wear and said, "It never gets boring, it's sexy and it just shows the right amount and hides the right amount. It's the ultimate tease, I think." As for her choice of low-cut blouses, Balan says, "A part of me is very traditional, and then a part of me will always wear these low-back blouses."

No wonder then this new trend she just started will catch up with women who have far often stayed away from it. If you haven't guessed it yet, let us tell you that we're talking about nose rings! Yes, you read that right.

Balan has off late been sporting quirky silver nose rings that clearly suit her a lot and is one piece of jewellery that you should have in your collection as well.

Here's our pick of the four most striking nose rings she's sported that can certainly add that 'cool' quotient to your desi look too!

#1 Silver studs

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Big or small is certainly your choice, but bold is clearly the flavour of the season. If you want to make a style statement with your nose ring, 'the bigger, the better,' should be your mantra.

Take a cue from Balan's Amrapali Jewels nose ring that is adding just the right amount of X-factor to her rather simple attire. Just like her, you can also add a chunky silver neckpiece and some chunky bangles and you're good to go. She's left her ears naked, but you don't have to!

#2 Designer rings

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Apart from chunky studs, you could also opt for designer rings. Take a cue from Balan's nose ring that has a leaf designed on top, but is actually worn as a ring and not as a stud.

This is particularly striking if you pair it with matching neckpieces, bangles and ever earrings. We love the way this dull Amrapali Jewels nose ring is adding so much opulence to the entire look.

#3 Gold stars

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Why not experiment with a bit of gold as well. Many of you may already own a few gold nose rings, and if you like experimenting with trends then perhaps it's time to revamp that nose ring and add a dash of quirk with striking designs.

Take a cue from Balan's designer gold nose ring from the Silver Streak Store. Paired with matching jhumkas, it looks perfect on her. And it's also great for busy mums on the go, who don't like too much hassle with their jewellery and like to keep it simple.

#4 Matching nose rings

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As she's done in her previous looks, Balan takes the nose ring game a notch higher and adorns one that is an exact match to her danglers. The leaf design on the nose ring is similar to that of her earrings and looks striking, to say the least.

In case you're wondering whether it try this trend or not, keep in mind that nose rings suit all face types and nose shapes, if you love to wear it and are confident to carry it off. Enjoy this desi trend because it is here to last!

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