What happens in a normal delivery?

What happens in a normal delivery?

Get an idea of how your baby will move during labour and delivery, if you opt for a normal vaginal delivery!

Leave aside the medical jargon, the birth of a baby is simply magical.

While  medical intervention is sometimes necessary and also opted for by some mothers, a mother's body is naturally prepared for a vaginal delivery. Doulas, Lamaze trainers and other natural birth practitioners emphasise the need for visualising a normal delivery which, they insist, help in the same.

A normal delivery is, in most case, the safest and best option for both mother and baby. It has many benefits over a C-section.

Benefits of a normal delivery

  • Lesser loss of blood
  • Lower risk of injury and infection
  • No surgery and hence no associated complications
  • Faster and less painful post-birth recovery
  • Shorter hospital stay

Watch this animated video that shows a time lapse view of labour and delivery during normal birth in a simplified form.

Sit back and peacefully learn to visualise your normal delivery as a smooth process without a single hurdle. It is possible!

You could also browse our painless delivery methods for a stress-free normal delivery.

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