'Nobody can be perfect... neither am I'

'Nobody can be perfect... neither am I'

Feisty, funny, and fervent about everything in life, Richisha Gulati Sikka opens up about all that contributes to being an awesome working mum!

awesome working mum

Richisha with her son, Raynav

She is an anchor, an emcee, a budding entrepreneur, a loving wife and a proud mother! Meet Delhi-based Richisha Gulati Sikka, a multifaceted woman who knows what she wants, and how to get it too.

However, while catering to her ambitions, this supermum ensures that she doesn’t compromise on her me-time! Read on to find out how Richisha manages to balance it all so beautifully!

So Richisha, how does it feel playing super mum?

It truly feels great that people think I’m a super mum. However, I personally don’t think I am one.  It’s definitely not a cakewalk managing both personal and professional fronts.

Kindly tell us about yourself.

I am an anchor by both passion and profession, since the past nine years. I started my career as an emcee and later joined a news channel. I’d cover the entertainment and programming part of it.

I got married four years ago and and am blessed with a baby boy, Raynav. He is all of 16 months now. These days, apart from freelancing with some channels and emceeing, I also take care of my new venture, Glamour N Gowns which I have started just three months back.

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awesome working mum

Richisha with actor-VJ, Ranvijay!

What is a typical day like in the life of Richisha?

I work 3-4 days in a week which are usually hectic. On days that I’m shooting, I’m usually away for more than 14 hours. I get up around 6 a.m. and get ready in an hour. Though I don’t cook much, I do have to decide the menu for the day so that the maid can do the needful.

My husband is a banker and he leaves home around 8.30 a.m. So his lunch should be packed and breakfast should be on the table by 8.15 a.m., and around the same time my son also wakes up.  I spend some time, pampering and cuddling him, before I leave for my shoot.

I get back home around 9 p.m, make my son eat his dinner (which is a tedious task), play with him and rock him to sleep by 11 p.m. The funny bit is that my day doesn’t end here, as Raynav gets up at least 5 times during his sleep. 

If you were to create a pie chart of your life, how would your time be divided between work, spouse, kids, friends and self?

I wish I could have a magic wand with me; that way I’d have given all my time to my family and friends. But work is important too. So whenever I’m not on shoots, I’m at home with my family. 

As for friends, yes, meeting them is important and I am lucky that my bestie, Priyanka doesn’t live far from my place. So we make sure to meet as often as we can. 

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awesome working mum

As a working mum, what are the challenges you face? How do you get through those challenges?

The challenge starts much before you actually start working. People just assume that now that she is a mother she won’t give that much importance to work. You can’t even imagine what  the mindset can be when you are an anchor.

I was lucky that when I was ready to get back to work after my delivery, I got a permanent job nearby my home. It was a regular 10 to 7 job in a mobile company where I was handling the PR and media stuff. I was happy, but never satisfied as facing the camera is a different feeling altogether and I was longing for it.

Finally, post some auditions I was selected for anchoring on a teleshopping channel. That’s when I quit my permanent job as it was getting difficult to balance it along with anchoring. It’s not easy… no body can be perfect and neither am I. But everything sums up when you are able to give quality time to your baby.

No matter how tired I’m when I get home and hear Raynaav greet me at the gate saying, ‘Maama’, all my exhaustion disappears. There are certain responsibilities you have to fulfill no matter what and you do it because your baby needs you and he is  too small to understand what being tired means. 

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awesome working mum

MFEO? Yeah, that’s us!

What has been your biggest emotional struggle while bringing up both your kid and a successful career? 

When I am not at home there is always this guilt that makes me wonder if work is more important than my son. But for me being independent is important too. I cried buckets when I realized that after 7 months of being with my son, I had to leave for work the next day.

It was not easy, but then my husband made me realized that I got 7 months with Raynav, whereas he got just  20 days. His support and motivation is the reason behind my success.

Who has been your sounding board through your parenting journey?

Sounding board, support board, leaning board, learning board, power board, punching board and every sort of board has to be my husband, Rahul. He supports me unconditionally.

In fact he was the one who asked me to join back work as soon as possible , as understood how it is to be like at home for months together for a person who is working from past 9 years.

Besides, for any piece of advice on parenting, my mom and dad are just a call away. While my mom gives me all sorts of spiritual advice, my dad is always concerned about my son’s safety. 

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awesome working mum

Like father, like son!

How do you unwind over the weekend?

Being a freelancer, at times we have to work on weekends too. But I generally make sure not to, as I really love to spend time with my family. Rahul has Saturdays and Sundays off and I make sure that I am free on these days.

Before my  son was born we used to go for movies and malls, but now everything revolves around Raynav. We always think about a place where he will enjoy the most like, parks and malls which have kids areas and rides for them. If not outdoors, we like to sit at home and relax .

Your idea of ‘me’ time?

It is very important to have some ‘me’ time, and I always had it until I became a mom. I am a creative person, so I’d indulge in all sorts of activities like writing, painting, dancing and even doing something really special for my loved ones. 

Now the biggest task is to find any ‘me’ time at all. But, as I said it is important and I try to snatch it whenever possible. For instance, when Raynav is sleeping during the day, I catch up on some sleep myself or do something for myself, like writing or planning the next surprise for birthday or anniversary.

Shopping is another thing which gives me the biggest kick. So whenever my shoot wraps up early, I love to go on a shopping spree alone. And when Raynav doesn’t give my ‘me’ time, I make it a ‘we’ time by dancing together, going on an evening stroll with him.

What does ‘being a mum’ mean to you?

Being a mum is the greatest blessing! It’s worth every stretch mark and each sleepless night.

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awesome working mum

‘Being a mum is worth every stretch mark and each sleepless night!’

What is your advice to working mums who are struggling to achieve work-life balance? 

I don’t think I am perfect enough in balancing both things to advise someone! I feel we learn from our mistakes. I have learnt a lot in my 15 months journey of being a mother and 8 month long journey of being a working mom.

It’s a dual responsibility. There is only this much of energy in each person and when it is invested in one place, it is not available in another. A little push in any direction, I used to go over the edge.

All I can say is, please give up what is not important. In my case, I have a fetish for orderliness. But with the responsibility of my son and work, I had to prioritise about these things. Initially it was difficult, but now I am ok if my wardrobe is not arranged properly for a week or two.

Also, learn to delegate responsibilities.  If you want to get it all done by yourself then your problem is management not motherhood. If you want to do everything by yourself, ultimately you will end up doing nothing perfectly.

Besides I make sure that if I have a shoot next day, I get organized a night before, right from the clothes, to the menu! Just ensure, that you keep sometime for yourself too. Only when you will be happy, can you make others happy. Ultimately both your personal and professional lives will get a happy balance too. 

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Divya Nair

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