No mums chasing your babies is not a form of exercise!

No mums chasing your babies is not a form of exercise!

And why you do need a dedicated work out routine.

'I run after my children all day.' In Indian settings, it is a pretty common answer that many mothers resort to when asked about their exercise or a work out routine.

However, even at the cost of sounding brutal, let me tell you all a truth. While running after kids and pandering to all their demands may drain you out both physically and emotionally, sadly it does not work as a substitute for an exercise regimen.

If you have to start taking control of your body it is imperative that you spare some time exclusively for yourself. It sounds mammoth but trust us with some planning it is possible.

No mums chasing your babies is not a form of exercise!

According to experts, your body starts reacting to any work out only when it pushes your body out of its' comfort zone and puts a strain on it. That explains why an intense Zumba workout for 15 minutes qualifies as exercise but an hour long leisurely walk in the park does not.

For all you busy mums out their who are already struggling with time, we are giving some easy tips that will help you break your comfort mold and push your body towards instant results.

1.Start with 3 minutes a day: You may scoff as to how a couple of minutes of exercise would help when chasing your kids for hours would not. But let us explain why.

If we were to tell you to take out one-hour one the very first day itself chances are you would need rest and recuperation for three days.

The idea is that you have to set a routine and paving the way for it starts with 3 minutes. Next day increase it to 6, 9, 12 so on and so forth. In a few days reach a target of 45 minutes to an hour and then make it a part of your routine.

2.Do something you love: Choose a form of exercise you enjoy doing. If you love to dance just out on loud music and boogey away. Do not sit and wait for an expert recommended moves. As long as you stress your body and it breaks into sweat your job is being done.

3. Get some fresh air: While we know anything that can be done at home makes mama happiest however you do need some fresh air. It can be a nearby park, balcony or even terrace. Just go outdoors inhale and exhale and feel the fresh air.

If you can incorporate Surya Namaskar or other simpler but effective forms of exercise here. The idea is if you are working out for 45 minutes at home, supplement it with 15 minutes of fresh air intake to soothe your body and soul. Remember the mantra -- start slow, be steady but most of all START.

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