Nitara just REVEALED what mummy Twinkle Khanna is really good at!

Nitara just REVEALED what mummy Twinkle Khanna is really good at!

The secret is out!!!

Let's admit, you might be a hot shot CEO of a company, a project manager or may be a leading actress of your time, but to your child, you will always be their mother, who has no labels attached to them.

It's also true that your kids closely observe you throughout the day and make little notes in their tiny minds on what are the things that you normally do.

That's what Twinkle Khanna came to know when daughter Nitara said some really funny and cute things about her mother and we have to say that Nitara is a keen observer. The actress shared an activity sheet that was completed by Nitara's teacher, perhaps on account of Mother's Day and Nitara's answers just blew her (and even our) mind.

So, according to Nitara, her mummy is not 49 but 60 years old and all she does the whole day is work on the computer. However, she had some really nice things to say to like her mother is really good at making coffee and loves to eat spaghetti.

Check out what other things Nitara said about her celeb mother in the sheet.


Nitara also says that her mum is super because she manages the house really well and packs her tiffin every day. Considering that she is a celebrity it is heartening to know that Twinkle takes out the time to pack her daughter's tiffin every single day and she does that job so efficiently that it is the best thing for her daughter Nitara.

Nitara just REVEALED what mummy Twinkle Khanna is really good at!

Mummies, your kids emulate you

This incident clearly highlights that kids like Nitara closely watch what's happening around them and there are some things that remain etched in her mind like she says "Mummy is super at packing my tiffin".

Being a mother myself I can say that kids emulate their parents and follow them religiously. That's why it becomes essential for parents to make sure that they are careful when their kids are around. Here are a few things you should keep in mind:

1. Think when you talk: If you want your kids to be polite and courteous you have to be that in front of them Make sure you talk to everyone around you with respect and in a manner that has a positive impact on your child's mind.
If you have to really discuss something important with your partner, maid or any other family member make sure your child is in the other room.

2. Be careful of what you watch: There are many TV shows that are not advisable for kids and as a parent, it is your responsibility to see that your child is not exposed to something that is not fit for their age.

3. Do what they like: Nitara is super happy that her mother packs her tiffin every day so if there is something that your child also wants you to do for them, be diligent and don't miss it ever.

My daughter likes that I tell her a story every night before she goes to sleep and that is something I don't forget because it is important for her. There might be similar things that would be important for your child, too.

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