Reel life's favourite Maa Nirupa Roy's real life sons are fighting over her home!

Reel life's favourite Maa Nirupa Roy's real life sons are fighting over her home!

The legendary actor died in 2004 leaving behind a sprawling apartment in Mumbai

The late actress Nirupa Roy was perhaps the most sought after reel mother of Indian cinema. She could play the character of the poor, innocent and naive Maa effortlessly and had the country praying for her in every film.

But while her reel life sons would often come to her rescue, her real life was quite different. It seems like her real life sons Kiran, 45, and Yogesh, 57, did not get along with each other and have been locked in a bitter property dispute since her death in 2004.

Sons battle for Maa's bedroom

The legendary actor's Rs 100 crore "3,000 sq ft ground floor house at Embassy Apartments, which comes with an 8,000 sq ft garden" is at the centre of this dispute and her sons are laying claim to the bedroom of this said apartment.

As per reports by Times of India, the dispute became legal after the death of Nurupa's husband Kamal Roy's death in 2015. It said that as a temporary truce the house was equally divided between the two brothers and their respective families. This meant that they both had two bedrooms to themselves and shared a common kitchen, living room and garden area.

But one bedroom allotted to Kiran was used by Nirupa and husband Kamal and now the brothers want exclusive claim to it.

Their plea: their sentiments are attached to that bedroom.

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"In my father's Will, he made me the sole owner"

As the case progressed, it was reported that Kiran filed a complaint against his elder brother alleging that Yogesh intimidated him and threatened him for 'complete control' over the house. He even stated that Nirupa and Kamal had left the Napean Sea apartment in Kiran's name, as per their Will.

But Kiran met with a huge legal blow when his petition to stop Yogesh from entering the bedroom was dismissed.

"I stayed with my parents during their last days, when they were tortured by Yogesh and his wife. In my father's Will, which was executed in December 2004, he made me the sole owner of the Nepean Sea Road flat, but allowed my brother and his family to reside there on the condition that they never enter my parents' bedroom," Kiran reportedly shared at the time.

Strangely, Yogesh has the keys to the bedroom so he can stop Kiran from 'misusing' it, says the report.

While the brothers continue to remain entangled in this bitter property dispute, only time will tell how this issue will get resolved. However, property disputes are not new in India.

Two famous actors and their families have been involved in property disputes in the past.

Famous property disputes in India

  • In 2014, veteran actor Dilip Kumar reportedly filed a property dispute case against his two brothers. His brothers Ahsan and Aslam who lived with him in his plush Palli Hill bungalow were unable to come back after it was redeveloped. When the actor renovated his home in 2007, he asked his brothers to vacate the house and their inability to be back started the dispute.
  • After the death of actor Rajesh Khanna, his iconic Mumbai bungalow Aashirwaad became the centre of a huge legal dispute. With his then live-in partner Anita Advani filing a legal suit against his family members who she reportedly said pressurized her to vacate the house.

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