Nine Months: Second trimester marked by Babymoon, food cravings and Couvade syndrome!

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Experts discuss about how a pregnant mum escalates the first trimester problems to a happier phase of second trimester but also warn us about some health issues that we need to dodge this time. Take a look…

After crossing the rather difficult and risky first trimester, expecting mums reach the Babymoon phase. Gynaecologist Dr. Gandhali Deorukhkar and nutritionist Dr. Niti Desai talk about the happy moments that a pregnant mum can have during this phase while also warning about a few challenges. Take a look.



Health problems such as blood pressure, gestational diabetes and thyroid level fluctuations may happen in this period. Do tune in to a brand new episode of Nine Months to know how to deal with these problems and what’s the truth of the very-famous Couvade Syndrome in spouses of expecting mothers!


A visual how-to-survival guide, Nine Months brings expert advice, knowledge and perspective to make your pregnancy an easy and a memorable experience for you.

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Prutha Soman

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