Nine Months: What to expect during delivery?

Nine Months: What to expect during delivery?

Leading doctors in Mumbai advise about delivery, labour pain and pain management.

Author Meghna Pant talks to doctors about what women can expect during delivery. Some other topics they discuss are whether a C-section is better than natural delivery and the secret to bearing labour pain. Take a look:


As a mum approaches the D-date, she feels anxious. Despite being excited about actually holding her bundle of joy, she also worries about labour pain. As a result, she has mixed feelings about childbirth.

In this episode, renowned doctors share their views about labour pain, childbirth, types of birth and other relevant topics.

How painful is labour pain?

When host Meghna Pant poses this question to the experts she is chatting with, they share that it can be pretty bad. Labour and dental pain are rather painful situations.Furthermore, labour pain can go on for seven or more number of hours.

They also discuss about relieving labour pain. Methods like breathing techniques and aroma therapy can be used to deal with it. These are non-pharmacological and non-invasive ways pregnant mums can rely on.

When is a pregnant mum ready for delivery?

The indication that a pregnant mum is at last ready for childbirth, depends from mum to mum. In some cases it can start with painful contractions or back pain while in some others there could be a mucus discharge.

Normal delivery or C-Section, which is a better method for childbirth?


Doctors prefer a vaginal delivery because C-Section is not yet recognised as a normal method for childbirth. However, in some situations they may advise to opt for delivery through C-Section. Some examples for this are low placenta, baby in an inapt position, birthing through C-Section in the past and severe foetal distress. They suggest that pregnant mums must follow doctor's advice on this. Over a period of 8 to 9 months, they must trust that the doctor will go for the best option.

Watch the full episode to get a complete insight into this subject.

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Prutha Soman