Nine Months: Watch how dads-to-be can chip to ease the third trimester of pregnancy!

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Dr. Shantala Vadeyar of Cloudnine Hospitals talks about the role of partners or spouses in the third trimester along with many other useful and interesting tips to sail through the third trimester of pregnancy.

In conversation with Meghna Pant, Dr. Shantala Vadeyar of Cloudnine Hospitals shares how the role of dads-to-be is changing in recent times. She explains how they can support pregnant mums through the third trimester of pregnancy. Here’s what she has to say:


How can dads-to-be support the pregnant mum in the third trimester of pregnancy?

As Dr. Vadeyar has rightly pointed out in this episode, partners of pregnant mums can also be a great help in the labour room. They can give moral support to the mum. Furthermore, they can be of help to the doctors as they can position the mum as required.


She further talks about choosing the right hospital and what factors must be considered in this process. One of the crucial things is also building a rapport with your doctor and sharing your birth plan with him or her.


As she further explains there are various types of births that a pregnant mum can opt for. Water birth or hypnobirthing are some options other than normal delivery. Opening up to the doctor about what the mum wishes can make it easier for them to assist you in the labour room. At the same time, it helps in taking the right decision based on the mum's medical condition.



Dr. Vadeyar also explains about the safety measures when bringing the baby home. She gives guidelines about what the nursery should be like. She suggests there should be a separate crib or cot for the baby and explains why. Apart from this she also shares the baby essentials shopping list.


So, whether you’re planning to have a baby or already pregnant, do watch this insightful episode of Nine Months for useful tips to sail through this last and crucial, third trimester.


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Prutha Soman