Newly married Bipasha Basu may be pregnant already! Here's the proof

Newly married Bipasha Basu may be pregnant already! Here's the proof

From hiding her tummy in public, to that happy glow on her face, Bipasha Basu is dropping major hints at an impending pregnancy!

A newly married couple is often hounded by the one question they dread so much- "When are you giving us the good news?" But if you thought this was a problem of regular couples, think again.

Because it seems that even celebrities are not immune to this inevitability.

Newly married Bipasha Basu and hubby Karan Singh Grover became the latest couple to be bombarded by this question last year. But what has really got everybody talking now is the way Basu has been hiding her (speculative) 'potential' baby bump.

Basu hiding a baby bump?

The first instance was when the couple were spotted at a Mumbai restaurant to celebrate Valentine's Day with family. Basu, who looked gorgeous in a red dress was seen hiding her tummy with a hobo gifted by her hubby.

In fact, when she came out of the restaurant, her sisters and hubby held her carefully so she could walk down the stairs without tripping, fueling further speculations.

Even though she denied the same last year after rumours were rife about the couple expecting their first child since they reportedly made several visits to a gynae-obstetrician. Bipasha rubbished those rumours and reportedly said, “I wish people would respectfully leave these major life decisions to us. Absolutely untrue rumors.”

However, another instance of Basu hiding her bump has again turned heads. The couple attended the wedding reception of friend Neil Nitin Mukesh and Basu was seen carefully hiding her tummy, yet again.

She even posted a video of herself, twirling in her pink lehenga and one can clearly see her hiding her tummy.

Not to forget, she has a gorgeous glow on her face and all of this means that Mrs Karan Singh Grover might become a hot mama soon!

Happy ❤ #loveyourself

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Kareena-style pregnancy for Basu

Nonetheless, this may be too early for the couple to actually reveal the news to the world. And when they do, we can expect another Kareena-style pregnancy with a baby bump worn like a badge of honour. How you ask?

Well, Basu has herself stated that she won't hide her bump once she;s pregnant and will continue to work throughout the nine months.

"I will work till the last day of my life. Kareena made a beautiful statement for all mothers to be and I love that," shared the bubbly 37-year-old actor who married Grover on April 30, last year in a private traditional ceremony. While Basu had earlier stated that she planned to wait for two years after her wedding to get pregnant and now that one year is almost over, the Grovers may well be on their way to becoming parents.

Either way, Basu's late pregnancy means that she'll have to be extra cautious (as she was when coming out of the restaurant during V-Day dinner) that's because as age progresses, it becomes necessary to be more careful, say experts.

Conception after 35 years

We spoke to Dr Nupur Gupta, gynaecologist and obstetrician, Director, WellWomen Clinic, Gurgaon, who explained, "If a woman is following a healthy diet, regular exercise and healthy lifestyle then after 35 years of age also, she may carry pregnancy successfully,” says Dr Gupta.

She adds that a few things to keep in mind for mums who opt for late pregnancies include:

  • Going for regular gynaecologist visits to discuss the overall issues and to correct any pre-existing diseases
  • Seeking regular prenatal care. “Regular prenatal visits help your health care provider monitor your health and your baby’s health. Mention any signs or symptoms that concern you,” she says.
  • Eating a healthy diet and gaining weight wisely, which means one must not eat for two
  • Doing regular physical activity to stay fit, healthy, active and energetic and clearing any medications or supplements with your health care provider ahead of time
  • Avoiding intake of alcohol, tobacco and illegal drugs during pregnancy
  • Learning about prenatal testing for chromosomal abnormalities

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