How to take care of your newborn baby's needs at home?

How to take care of your newborn baby's needs at home?

Watch full video for useful tips on vaccination from paediatrician, Dr Barkha Chawla.

Once you bring your little love home, you start wondering about the newborn baby needs at home. In most cases, before leaving the hospital, your doctor would have explained you pretty much everything. But when you’re finally home and have no experts to help you, it may get a bit overwhelming for first-time-parents.

Experts, Dr Barkha Chawla and lactation consultant, Sonali Shivlani discuss about your baby’s needs at home and a lot more with new mum, Meghna Pant on this episode of Nine Months Season 2. Take a look.

Newborn baby needs at home: Swaddling your baby

Dr Barkha Chawla clears up a few myths about baby swaddling.

  • Firstly, she shares that it’s not a must to swaddle your little one. So mum, gauge how comfortable your baby is when you swaddle them. Continue to do it only if your baby is happy being swaddled.
  • Make sure that you aren’t doing it too tight or putting too much pressure on the baby’s knees by stretching them beyond comfort level.
  • While swaddling also, it’s crucial to follow the basic hygiene. Use a clean cloth. Keep your hands clean too.

Mum, you can watch the full video here to know more about ways in which you can swaddle the baby. The experts have also shared important tips about how to avoid the knock-knee syndrome in your little one. 

Newborn baby needs at home: Diapering the little one

newborn baby needs at home

Dr Barkha Chawla talks about about diapering | Screencapped from First Post Facebook Page

Diapering rightly is an important part of your parenting journey. Experts share a few important tips about this. 

  • You should buy appropriate size diapers.
  • Special diapers are available for pre-term babies. 
  • The diapers should not be too tight.
  • You should change the diapers every four hours. 

Newborn baby needs at home: Identifying the red flags

newborn baby needs at home

Lactation consultant Sonali Shivlani talks about newborn baby needs at home | Screencapped from First Post Facebook Page

  • Baby not feeding
  • Baby not responding aptly
  • Problems passing urine
  • Very high fever
  • Convulsions or abnormal body movements
  • When the baby looks sick to you
  • When the baby turns blue, especially around the oral cavity

Here are some more topics that the experts touch upon in this episode of Nine Months Season 2

  • What is a good bath regime for the newborn?
  • How to manage your baby’s vaccinations?
  • Why you should avoid putting kaajal in your baby’s eyes?

Mums, there you have it all from the experts on Nine Months Season 2. Remember, there’s no right way or wrong way, but just your way. And it’s important that you trust it. 

Nine Months Season 2 is India’s first comprehensive show on parenting and pregnancy.

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Prutha Soman

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