Shahid Kapoor shared a special message for wife Mira Rajput on Mother's Day!

Shahid Kapoor shared a special message for wife Mira Rajput on Mother's Day!

On the eve of Mother's Day, new dad Shahid Kapoor made his wife Mira smile with his heartfelt message

New mum Mira Rajput has been making headlines for quite some time now. Whether it is for her fashion sense, her parenting skills or her controversial 'puppy' comments. She has remained in the news for good, bad and ugly reasons.

But that hasn't changed the fact that her primary job remains to be that of a caregiver to her nine-month-old daughter, Misha. So no matter what controversy is stirred in her name, she is busy concentrating on her most important job.

And who better to vouch for this than doting husband Shahid Kapoor.

"Misha is lucky to have you"

On this Mother's Day, the new dad shared an emotional post along with a beautiful photograph of his wife Mira taking care of daughter Misha as she plays on her stationary jumper.

He dedicated the post to his wife and shared that Misha was lucky to have her as her mum.

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He wrote: "Happy Mother's Day all. @mira.kapoor you make me so proud. Misha is lucky to have you." With this sweet message he proved that he truly valued Mira as his baby's mum and most of all as his wife.

The Rangoon actor even wished his own mum on Twitter and wrote: “She is therefore I am. Her love is truly unconditional. The most important person to every child. Thank you mom for just being you.”

It seems that with the arrival of his daughter Shahid has become even more emotional. In fact, by his own admission he loves spending time at home taking care of his daughter and sometimes even teaching her to dance.

In fact, in a new interview Mira revealed that Shahid is so involved with Misha that she almost has him wrapped around his finger.

"Shahid wants to be connected to her always"

During the interview Mira revealed that while her role as a homemaker and a new mum allows her to have close proximity with her baby and care for her, it is new dad Shahid who wants to take this responsibility all the time.

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"Shahid's relationship with Misha started right from the moment when he got to know that I was pregnant. Fatherhood comes naturally to him. He is fully involved and he changed her diaper even before I did. Shahid wants to be connected to her always and I think that's great. Misha is going to have him wrapped around her little finger," she shared.

As for all the compliments Shahid showers on her, despite getting so muck flak for her 'puppy' comment, Mira says, "It was tough, but I had Shahid by my side. He said, 'It's okay and it happens.' Also, I prefer looking at the positive side of things."

Interestingly, Mira also shared her unique parenting style and it's one that regular and something most mums can relate with.

How Mira's age has become her advantage

Since she is only 23 and a very young mum thrust with the responsibility of raising a child in the limelight, Mira says has been a huge advantage, contrary to what many believe.

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She listed three crucial advantage points of being a young mother:

  • To each her own, but being a young mom works for me. I am more hands-on and I have more energy.
  • I think we'll be friends when Misha grows up. Age gap will not be a roadblock in our relationship.
  • I'll give her all my time now and once she gets older and independent, I will start working. I have nothing against being a working mom. I think it's great to be able to balance a career and motherhood, but this is what works for me.

Well, it seems that Mira is quite misunderstood and this interaction was an eye-opener for many. She may be young, but as she says being a young mother has its own advantages.

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