New parenting trend: Kids sharing bedrooms more than ever

New parenting trend: Kids sharing bedrooms more than ever

Research has shown a major influx in families whose children split their bedrooms while growing up. Is there any reason or rhyme? Read more here!

Let's be honest here: as time has progressed, parents have been forced to endure the newest and latest trends in parenting. More often than not, that trend is based on the idea of more as a result of the vast consumer culture we live in nowadays. That's why the newest trend in parenting is quite the breath of fresh air.

Instead of more, parents are striving for less.

Sounds strange, right? Let me clarify: parents are now leaning towards their kids sharing a room during childhood as opposed to each child having their own bedroom.

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The Detroit Free-Press recently reported that in about 66% of homes with two children below the age of 18, kids split a bedroom. This is a seemingly new trend.

The U.S. Census Bureau found between the years of 1995 and 2014, the average size of a new home had grown from 550 square feet to 2,500 square feet. Additionally, they found that 46% of new single-family homes had 4+ bedroom.  Even with the influx in the size of the average home, parents are encouraging kids to split a bedroom. One can assume this is to conserve space in the home; and with the additional space in the home, many parents have made makeshift, at-home offices or guest rooms.

Sure it seems like mom and dad are simply being a bit stingy with that extra room in the house. However, research has proven that sharing your sleeping quarters while growing up has its benefits.

Linda Szmulewitz, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, sleep coach and founder of Sleep Tight Consultants says, “For older children who share a room, I work on helping parents set expectations about bedtime, so that they keep in mind that the time that children spend chatting before going to bed is their special private time, and you have to allow for that to some extent, rather than expecting that you are going to put them to bed and they are going to lay there quietly and just fall asleep without any interaction."

Learn more about the benefits of children splitting a bedroom here! Click next for more!

If Szmulewitz is correct in her assertions, it would seem kids who have their own bedrooms are somewhat getting the raw end of the deal! For many adolescents, splitting a room with a sibling that is near their age group can often feel like a sleep over.

They'll bond through conversation and quality time, which will help them wear themselves down in the long run and lead to good night's rest!

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Obviously, for older age groups (namely, preteens/teens), splitting a room can be problematic. Especially if the children are of different age groups.

Privacy is a very important dynamic of an older kid's lifestyle, and that may be compromised if they are suddenly forced to share a room during that period of their development.

However, one can argue that if kids are raised to split a room from the very beginning, these issues will resolve themselves since the siblings will be so close and comfortable with each other.

Whether you're part of this trend or not, it's apparent that the newest and latest "thing" in parenting is to have kids share their quarters.

And, honestly, we can't blame parents for doing so! It's a great way for kids to form stronger relationships with one another and a way to conserve space in your home.

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