New Mum Rani Mukherjee feels this is the BEST time of her life. Here's why!

New Mum Rani Mukherjee feels this is the BEST time of her life. Here's why!

The yummy mummy celebrates her birthday today!

Being a mother is undoubtedly the best period of a woman's life and celeb mum Rani Mukherjee is feeling the same right now as she watches her daughter Adira grow every day.

"It feels great. The last two and a half years -- nine months of pregnancy and one and a half years of motherhood -- have been the happiest years of my life. I enjoy seeing Adira grow, reach new milestones each day," she said in a Facebook chat with her fans on the eve of her birthday.

Such is the happiness that Adira gives her that Rani feels this nothing can be as important and precious for a woman as being a mother. She continued that Adira's birth has marked the beginning of a new phase of her life.

"It's amazing being a mother; you change overnight because the experience teaches you on a daily basis. I have become stronger and I have also mellowed down. But a lot of things come with being a mother. I'm looking forward to my journey of raising Adira, so it's going to be fun," she said excitedly.


However, there is one thing that Rani is not happy about. The fact that her daughter's pictures are being taken and posted on social media.

"I'm not on social media. I don't post pictures of my daughter because my husband is a very private person and I respect that. Also, I don't like saying no to my fans, especially when they ask me to post pictures," she added.

Rani also confirmed during the chat that she would be making a comeback with the film Hichki and the movie would start in April. Lastly, Rani signed off by saying that she had no special plans for her birthday, but would be spending the day with the two most people in her life right now.
"I'm planning to spend my birthday with my daughter. She makes me very happy. Also with my family and husband," she signed off.

Taking a break after your baby's birth

Rani is right when she says that she enjoyed these two years to the fullest as she was with her daughter all the time and saw her important milestones."I’d definitely decided a break for one year because I knew that that’s the time I wanted to give my child. Because I want to be a part of each milestone in my baby’s life from the first word to the first step, etc. I would’ve hated it if she’d done something for the first time and I wasn’t around to see it. For me, that thing was very important," she told reporters.
Even Mira Rajput recently said that she didn't want to miss her daughter's initial precious years.

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While many mothers like to rush to work immediately after their three months of maternity leave is over, taking a sabbatical is an option new mothers can consider. Here's why it should be recommended to all new mothers:

1. Time to recuperate: Taking some time off for you and your baby not only does wonders for your baby, but also helps you recuperate from childbirth. Your body goes through a lot during and after pregnancy and it needs time to heal.

2. Helps in the baby's growth: How we spend time with our newborns in the first few months of their lives, really goes a long way in their emotional and mental health later on. Babies grow up to be emotionally more secure and strong if they have their mothers by their side in the first year.

3. You get to see all the precious milestones: A friend of mine once told me that she missed the moment when her baby walked for the first time as she was in office. I didn't want to miss that and the other first year milestones that are so important for all new mothers. Am sure you don't want it either!

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