New mum Rani Mukerji reveals why her husband Aditya Chopra pushed her to work post motherhood

New mum Rani Mukerji reveals why her husband Aditya Chopra pushed her to work post motherhood

"He was after me for about three months from the time Adira was born," shared new mum Rani Mukerji

After almost an year-long maternity break, Rani Mukerji will be back on the big screen. The new mum will be seen in a movie called Hitcki, which is based on a positive premise. But that's not what made news on her birthday on March 21.

It was her live Facebook session where she answered some extremely personal questions about her married life, her elusive husband Aditya Chopra and her daughter Adira that caught everybody's attention.

"You have to do your work, Aditya said"

During the interaction, the Mardaani actor shared why she was forced to go back to work post giving birth to her daughter by none other than her husband.

"He was after me for about three months from the time Adira was born, because he saw me getting obsessed with her. He said, ‘If I don’t push her now, I think she is going to go into that full-on obsession zone.’ And I am still there. Since I gave birth to Adira, he has been like, ‘Come on! You have to reclaim your life and get back. You have to do your work and you can’t completely immerse yourself’, but I wasn’t ready. I don’t think I am ready even now," shared the actor who turned 39 on March 20.

She also shared that she won't feel guilty about going back to work, not because she has the help she needs but because she has it all planned.

"I am not going to feel that guilt"

"I have spent so much quality time with Adira that I am not going to feel that guilt. I have tried to make a shift in such a way that I am not with her when she is busy. Then during her playtime, I will be back with her, so she does not register my time away that much. Or that is what I am hoping for... I don’t know how it’s going to be. I am dreading it," she shared adding that she was however, dreading it.

"I am mentally preparing myself for the eight or nine hours I have to give to my work every day," shared the actor who also had friends Shanoo Sharma and Vaibhavi Merchant over for her personal birthday celebrations.

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Aditya is a better husband than a father

And as far as her 'pushy' husband is concerned, Rani feels that he is a better husband than he is a father.

"Adi is a better husband than a father, definitely. Till now at least, and I hope that he remains a better husband. Men become good fathers by default, but it is very important for men to be good husbands. So, I’d want him to become a better husband all his life," she says adding that she was thankful to him for forcing her to work because it was good for Adira.

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"I will plan my life in such a way that I will work and give my 100 percent to her. Because when she grows up, I want her to be proud of having a working mother. I hope she respects me for that. I hope she doesn’t feel that I dedicated all my time to my work. When she is 18, I want her to tell me, ‘I loved that you balanced life. You worked and you made your fans happy, you made yourself happy, and you were there for me when I needed you and you were there even when I didn’t need you.’ I want to be a working professional all my life. It is important, and I am thankful to Adi for forcing me back," she shared.

Rani certainly spoke about an important aspect of motherhood, which is balancing work and home. It is something all working mums are able to do, irrespective of whether or not they have help. And interestingly, she Rani points out, having a working mother is good for kids.

3 positive effects of having a working mother

  • They are positive role models: Working mothers are role models for their kids and teach them not only about time management and multi-tasking but also about the importance of balancing work and home. So through a working mother, girls realise the importance of having a career and boy understand their roles within the house.
  • They raise independent kids: When kids watch their mothers handle situations and problems both at home and at office, they realise the importance of being self-reliant. Such kids then grow up to be independent and have their mums to thank for this quality.
  • They raise kids with academic bent: Studies have proved that working mothers are able to raise who are also academically good because they are able manage their time well. Working mothers understand the importance of good education and are able to influence their kids to achieve academic excellence.

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