New mum Nisha Rawal follows tradition and takes newborn to meet THIS special lady

New mum Nisha Rawal follows tradition and takes newborn to meet THIS special lady

The gorgeous new mum took her son Kavish to Dehradun so he could meet a very special person.

Television's favourite couple Nisha Rawal and Karan Mehra are currently enjoying the best phase of their lives. Their son Kavish who was born on June 14, has changed their lives and made them more careful and responsible.

In fact, in an interaction the Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai actor said that while were getting to know their newborn, they imposed a strict rule onto themselves.

"We aren't going out anywhere. Friends and visitors come over to see him but we are making sure that we don't go out. Other things have taken a backseat," shared the new excited dad.

Karan and Nisha take Kavish on his first journey

But that was then; because today Nisha and Karan finally broke that self-imposed house arrest and took their son out on a special journey.


The happy parents took their two-month-old baby to meet his great maternal grandmother in Dehradun. It's tradition in many cultures to arrange a special ceremony to introduce the baby to the elders in the house. And looks like these new parents also followed suit.

Along with the cute pictures that give their friends and fans a sneak peek into Kavish's journey to Doon, Nisha wrote: "One of the most fulfilling trips...after all it was Kavish's introduction to my grandma, his great grandma."

Well, it most certainly looked like a lovely moment for the entire family whose world now revolves around Kavish.

"Kavish is like our product and now we have a joint responsibility towards our baby. He is our priority now more than anything else. The other day we were laughing how our talks have changed. Earlier we used to talk about so many things but now its majorly about our baby. Earlier, it was like I love you the most, but now the line is shifting to I love you more but I love Kavish the most," Karan told a daily.

We couldn't agree more. It is indeed a beautiful feeling to become first-time parents, but also one that comes with great responsibility.

And so since it was his first journey, the new parents made sure they were prepared for it and carried with them several baby care essentials as well as baby carriers.

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But these are not the only things you need to carry when you fly with your little one. Here is a list of the most practical items you need while on a flight with a newborn.

8 practical things to remember while traveling with a newborn

If you are a new mum like Rawal you are probably busy with feeds, changing diapers and getting your baby to adapt to a napping schedule.

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But while babies may need a whole lot of attention, you can easily travel with a two-month-old if your travel is simple and low-key. Just as Rawal did!

So here's how you can do it too.

  • While packing your bags, make sure you carry a first-aid kit, which includes prescription medicines and ointments for scrapes and cuts among other things.
  • If you are flying, inform the airlines beforehand that you have a baby with you. Most Indian airlines have the facility to help new mothers travel safely with their newborns.
  • During the flight, your baby's ear may hurt due to the air pressure, so you can encourage him to breastfeed on suckle on something so it helps ease the effect on his fragile ears.
  • If your baby is breastfeeding, then you don't have to worry too much except keep a few sanitised bottles for extra feeds. If however, he is on formula, you might want to carry those foods items including a hot thermos and extra bottled water.
  • If your baby has started solids, make sure to bring along extra box of food for him, even if it is a short journey. Carry his bib and other items that you usually use to feed your little one.
  • Make sure to carry all the travel gear such as the pram, or baby carrier whenever you are travelling with a baby. This also includes a diaper bag and a changing bag. Salve also travelled with her baby gear and was able to use it easily when she landed.
  • Carry extra pair of clothes in your baby bag as well. You can also keep them in plastic bags that you can carry if you do not have a changing bag.
  • You can also carry a front sling and make sure to check the height limitations of the seat in which you will be travelling with your baby.

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