How to introduce your 5-month-old to swimming like Lisa Haydon

How to introduce your 5-month-old to swimming like Lisa Haydon

You can start introducing your kids to swimming as early as six months before they are developmentally ready for their first serious swim lessons.

Trust new mum and model Lisa Haydon to show us how toddlers are ready for their first swim lessons much before we think they are.

It’s a proven scientific fact that babies as young as six months can be introduced to the concept of swimming and Lisa Haydon is doing just that with her son Zack Lalwani.

Recently Haydon showed her Instagram followers that she has already initiated swim lessons for her 5-month old. Haydon posted a picture of herself with her son in an inflatable kiddie pool.

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According to swimming instructors mum, Lisa Haydon made a wise choice of first introducing the concept of swimming in water to the tiny tot by taking him into a kiddie pool first.

For some toddlers, their first splash in a pool can be intimidating, so it is ideal to initiate and prepare the baby before they begin their introductory lessons when they are about three years old and above.

It may be noted that Lisa taking the plunge with her baby just when it is time should come as no surprise given the fact that she has been a swimsuit model herself.

This apart the Lalwani family has proven time and again that they are such beach bums with constant sightings of the three of them on the beach.

Some time back, pictures also emerged of Lisa with husband Dino Lalvani and their son Zack chilling at the beach. We are quite sure that little Zack is already a water baby as mum Lisa was also seen cradling her son as she stood amidst the waves in the ocean.

First swim lesson … in Greatest discovery- portable/inflatable Labi Baby pool ?? #5months

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And while talking about Lisa getting her son introduced to the concept of swimming and floating in the water, it is also important to note that it also serves as a great bonding exercise for both mother and baby.

If like Lisa you too would like to introduce your baby to swim lessons early on here are a few things you should keep in mind

How to introduce your 5-month-old to swimming like Lisa Haydon

Mark Zuckerberg also introduced his daughter Maxima to swimming at an early age

1.Parent-tot swim class: If you are initiating your baby to swimming it is better to get enrolled in a parent-baby swim class first. That way, the baby will have the comfort of your company and can enjoy the concept of playing, splashing and floating in the water.

Developmentally the child would be ready for their first serious swim lessons only once they are 3 or 4 years old.

2.A warm pool: Ensure that the pool has temperature controlled water for your kids. Kids tend to learn early when the water is warm and they feel comfortable. A cold splash even on warm days can cause shivering or chills for the child if it gets windy or breezy.

3.A lifeguard: An absolute must is to ensure that there are trained lifeguard at all the times kids are in the pool. Do not leave anything to chance or leave it on yourself to take care of your child.

There have been cases where parents despite knowing how to swim have panicked when they kids became overwhelmed with water.

4.Go slow: Its best to first enroll for once or twice a week classes. It can be strenuous for kids to do daily classes as their little bodies are still getting accustomed to the floating and swimming movements.

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