New mum Kareena is very scared of leaving Taimur alone because of THIS reason!

New mum Kareena is very scared of leaving Taimur alone because of THIS reason!

We agree Kareena! Any mother would get scared if they had to go through this as well.

New mum Kareena Kapoor Khan has been quite busy off late. She has been travelling for work and pushing herself hard to get back into her pre-baby body for her big onscreen appearance.

But while people see her hitting the gym or posing for endorsements, most cannot see the time she spends with her little bub and how she takes care of him away from the public eye.

This lack of knowledge has prompted many to criticise her for her parenting skills. But Kareena is confident of her mum skills and is not having it from these so-called morally right mummies.

He gets clicked wherever he goes

The new mum recently revealed that many people take Taimur's picture even when she is not with him and leaving him behind is quite traumatising for her, especially now that he is doing and learning new things.

While speaking to the media during her recent work trip to Malaysia, the glowing new mum said,  “He gets clicked wherever he goes, even when I’m not with him and all those popping flashbulbs make him blink.”

She admitted that while Taimur does get fascinated by the photographers, but sometimes being a public family feels embarrassing to her.

“He’s only six months old. Saif and I have never shied away from being a family that’s open to the public but after a point it gets exhausting, embarrassing even, sometimes," she said.

It’s been a blessed journey so far

Through the past one year, Kareena has not only managed to make pregnancy the new 'cool,' she also championed the cause of working expecting women.

“Throughout my pregnancy I’ve shot for brands that would sign me despite my size. I did two shoots, one when I was four months pregnant and the second at seven months and I enjoyed every minute of it. Three months after the delivery, I shot for a brand that didn’t seem to have a problem with a heavier me. It’s been a blessed journey so far," she shared.

And she continues to do so as she balances home and work. But the one thing that truly upsets her is leaving her baby home, even for a day.

 I don’t like being away from Taimur

Kareena mentions that while either one of the parents is always with Taimur, she does feel the guilt of leaving him behind.

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“I don’t like being away from Taimur, I don’t want to miss out on a single moment of his childhood. If I have to go for a shoot, I’ll take him with me sometimes but it’s a tough balance,” she shares.

Well, as Kareena continues to strike the right balance, as all working mums do, she does highlight an important point- having a working mother is good for kids.

3 positive effects of having a working mother

  • They are positive role models: Working mothers are role models for their kids and teach them not only about time management and multi-tasking but also about the importance of balancing work and home. So through a working mother, girls realise the importance of having a career and boy understand their roles within the house.
  • They raise independent kids: When kids watch their mothers handle situations and problems both at home and at office, they realise the importance of being self-reliant. Such kids then grow up to be independent and have their mums to thank for this quality.
  • They raise kids with academic bentStudies have proved that working mothers are able to raise who are also academically good because they are able manage their time well. Working mothers understand the importance of good education and are able to influence their kids to achieve academic excellence.

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