New mum Kareena Kapoor Khan is back in action and reveals how Saif is a hands-on father

New mum Kareena Kapoor Khan is back in action and reveals how Saif is a hands-on father

"Motherhood is going to be the best phase of my life," said new mum Kareena Kapoor Khan

New mum Kareena Kapoor Khan is back in the arc lights just 46 days post her delivery. And, as the showstopper for the finale show of Lakme Fashion Week the glowing Bebo took to the stage as the pro she is and wowed everybody.

She was walking for ace designer Anita Dongre and looked ethereal in her white and gold ensemble. Needless to say, she was glowing on the ramp and her confidence and grace could easily give supermodels a run for their money.

During interviews post the show, Kareena admitted that she is happy balancing marriage, motherhood and work; and has already started working out, but is glad to not be a size zero.

Bebo's balancing motherhood and work

In an interview post her appearance Bebo admitted that while she is not the first woman to work during pregnancy, nor is the first to work post, flaunting the bump was a concept lost on many.

Perhaps that's why she became an object of media frenzy during her pregnancy.

"In India, it is new. There are certain mindsets that you should be hiding away till you are in your best shape. But the fact that I am continuing to work should hopefully inspire a lot of girls that they can balance marriage, motherhood and work. It is okay if I am not size zero but as long as I am looking great and I think I am," she shared with a leading daily.

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"Saif is a pro at changing diapers"

Bebo also revealed candid details of life post Taimur and how with motherhood she is enjoying the "best phase" of her life.

"Motherhood is going to be the best phase of my life. I am super excited. It has just been 46 days so, I don’t know about the change but yeah now your heart doesn’t beat inside you, it is outside in someone else’s body. When you look at your baby, you realise that," says the glowing new mum.

As for hubby Saif Ali Khan, Bebo says he is hands-on and is a pro at changing diapers and taking care of the baby.

"He is so hand’s on because he has done it before but I feel there is an intensity with which his son looks at him, more than when he looks at me. So, there is already a bond between them. Also, Saif is a pro, he does everything, including changing the diapers," she shared.

"We loved the name"

The new mum also didn't shy away from answering queries about her son's name and revealed that it was one that not only a name that the couple loved, but even the family was a 100 percent on board.

"I don’t know why people took the name so personally. But like Saif said, we love the name and most importantly the family loves it. It has no resemblance to any person living or dead. We love the meaning of the name. I am so happy that people supported us, the kind of love they have shown to us and I think that has been the most important thing for us," she clarified.

As for getting back into shape, Bebo admitted that she has already started working out, but is no hurry to be a size zero. In fact, she said that she is enjoying her body the way it is.

We couldn't agree more, because her performance on the ramp was proof enough of her confidence and contentment with her changed body.


Bebo's post pregnancy workout

The new mum says, "I have always balanced it out. It is great to be back. I said this through pregnancy also that it is not an illness so, I walked the ramp then and I will keep doing that because I love it. I know many people are like I am not in the best shape and with skinny models around… but I think it requires a lot of courage and confidence to do it. I think I have it."

The Udta Punjab actor was spotted attending yoga sessions just a day before the show and she looked visibly slimmer and seems to be on her way to lose all the pregnancy weight.

But how soon can a woman exercise post pregnancy? Well, experts suggest that post six weeks of natural healing, the body can start getting back into its normal routine, which includes basic exercises.

Post pregnancy workout

In fact, some even suggest that women must not worry about the mode of delivery that much and can start with lighter exercises, moving to hardcore ones, gradually.

"There is no difference in the exercise regime post a c-section or a normal delivery. If you have had any of these two, you can still follow the same way of workout and start working on the weaker muscles and joints first. As most women face joint pains, back aches and neck problems during pregnancy, they can start with simple exercises gradually increase the intensity. This will help them losing weight faster, stay fit and get back into shape," shares Vinod Channa, celebrity fitness expert.

He also adds that a mix of yoga and gym exercises can help shed all that pregnancy weight easily and also explained how.

"Practicing yoga will increase ones flexibility and it allows you to perform better. On the other hand, weight-training can help one get stronger," he shares.

It's a good thing that Kareena is an ardent yoga lover and followed a strict diet of ghar ka khaana along with it.

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