Adorable! New mum Kanchi Kaul and her boys make for the cutest trio

Adorable! New mum Kanchi Kaul and her boys make for the cutest trio

While the doting mum has shared many pictures of Azai, this is the first time she has shared a picture of both her boys in a single frame.

Indian television's popular jodi Shabir Ahluwalia and Kanchi Kaul became parents for the second time in February this year. And since the birth of their second son Ivarr, they have been sharing glimpses of parenting two boys through their social media accounts.

In fact, Kaul first introduced Ivarr to everybody just days after his birth with a photograph that hid his face. And now after eight months, this celeb mum has delighted all her fans with a picture of both her boys together in one frame.

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Captioning the post "#phatak #thrills #oldworldcharm #myboys #mylife #backtobasics #love #azai #ivarr," this gorgeous second-time mum is seen spending some fun time with her boys at a local railway station.

Easing Azai into his new role as a big brother

While the doting mum has shared many pictures of Azai, this is the first time she has shared a picture of both her boys in a single frame.

And if you have been following her on social media, you'd probably know by now that the young parents have been easing their firstborn into becoming a big brother.

In doing so, they are spending a lot of time with Azai seemingly helping him adapt to his new sibling. In fact, Kaul recently shared a cute video if the father and son bonding over a bit of physical training.

By the looks of this video, Azai was having fun till he got distracted by the sound of an airplane. That's not all. The couple also shared a candid shot of the doting dad playing with both his boys and quite clearly enjoying every bit of it!

Such an amaaaaazing father !! ❤️❤️

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It seems that this celebrity couple is taking all necessary steps to help ease their firstborn into his role as a big brother. Whether it is celebrating his birthday, encouraging him to look after his younger brother or even spending some playtime with him.

But these are just a few things. There is a step-by-step process that is easy to follow and can yield great results if you are trying to prepare your elder child to adapt to a new sibling.

Continue reading to see the celebrity-proof method that can help your eldest adapt to a new sibling.

Steps to help your firstborn to adapt to his new sibling

Just as Kanchi and Shabbir, even you can easily help your firstborn adapt to the idea of a new sibling. In fact, with just these easy steps you can easily create a loving and strong bond between siblings. Here's our recommendation on how to go about it.

#1 Break the news

The first step is to break the news of the pregnancy with your firstborn with minimal details. Yes, that's right. Your eldest does not need to know all the details unless he asks for it. You can share this piece of information during the end of first trimester, because in case you suffer from morning sickness, your child is not worried about your ill health or blames the bump.

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#2 Reassure your child of your love

When you break the big news to your kid, make sure to reassure him that you and daddy still love him and that a new baby does not change anything between the three of you. You can also tell him why the new baby may need a lot of your time and he/she may even cry during the night, in which case you will have to get up and pacify him/her.

#3 Make your firstborn feel connected

Encourage your firstborn to touch your belly and talk to it. You can even boost your firstborn's confidence in being an elder brother or sister by telling them things like, "The baby only kicks when he hears your voice." Or "The baby loves it when you talk to him." These simple sentences help the firstborn feel connected with the unborn sibling.

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#4 Encourage responsibility and involvement

Since the time of your pregnancy till the time the baby is born, you can ask your firstborn to get involved in selecting things for the new sibling. You can also ask them to allocate their own toys for the baby and get them to help you feed, bathe or play with the baby. Assisting you to take care of the baby will help him feel important and included.

#5 Carve out time for each other

Make sure to take time out for each of your kids. When you see your younger child trail behind your firstborn, make sure to allocate time for each of your kid. If one of your kids is playing something, you can give allocate an activity or a game to the other, just to keep them engaged separately, but still together.

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