Finally! Protective dad Shahid Kapoor reveals why he hides his daughter's face

Finally! Protective dad Shahid Kapoor reveals why he hides his daughter's face

Kapoor slammed the paparazzi for having "no common sense!"

New dad Shahid Kapoor has often admitted that he is quite a protective father. In fact, he thinks the world of Misha and on his own admission thinks only about coming home to her.

"For the first time, I don’t feel like leaving home. When not at work, I’d be at the gym or out with friends. Now, I can spend the whole day at home with Misha and Mira (Rajput). This thought never resonated with my personality before. It’s a big change,” he shared.

So it's no wonder that he is seen carrying his daughter, especially when the new parents head out. And while many assumed it was because of his protective nature, Kapoor has finally shared why he hides his daughter's face and keeps her away from the shutterbugs.

Why Misha's face is always hidden

Slamming the paparazzi for having "no common sense," Kapoor tweeted that he covers his daughter's face because the hounding photo journalists often come too close for comfort.

The Haider star wrote: "Unfortunate how some journos don't realise how bad 20 cameras flashing 2 feet away are for an infants eyes. No common sense in their dna."

This tweet comes after Kapoor and his wife Mira were hounded by photo journalists to catch a glimpse of their four-month-old daughter, Misha. This, naturally forced the doting dad to take action and send out a stern message to all the media persons.

Kapoor is happy with his daddy duties

Kapoor who often says that his life has changed post the birth of his daughter is certainly a caring father. In fact, he recently revealed that he loves to take care of his baby girl and is always ready to help Mira. “With a baby, I wake up every three hours. I change diapers and most of my T-shirts have Misha’s vomit and milk stains on them," shared the Rangoon star.

He also added that the birth of his daughter has given him a purpose in life, something he didn’t know was missing. “Misha gives me a lot of strength. Life is all about her now. I feel like I am ready to protect and even fight for her. I want to be my best for Misha. I never want to leave home once I return to my wife and baby,” said the doting dad.

No wonder then Kapoor is a protective father and is willing to go at any length to protect his baby girl. But can flashbulbs really affect Misha's eyes? We have the answer.

Continue reading to see how flashlights could harm a baby's eyesight!

Can flashlights harm a baby's eyesight?

A few months ago, a report in the Daily Mail stated that "A baby is left blind in one eye after a family friend forgot to turn off the flash while taking a close-up photograph." It further stated that the doctors revealed the damage to be irreversible.

"Following the incident, the baby suffered from reduced vision in his left eye and blindness in his right eye. The damage is said to be permanent and cannot be fixed with surgery," the report said. But scientifically, this may not actually be entirely true.

But Yahoo ran a piece that clarified this claim. Dr. Alex Levin, chief of pediatric ophthalmology and ocular genetics at Wills Eye Hospital in Philadelphia, said, "Retinas are made to last, and it’s highly unlikely that this kind of light would cause damage.”

He also added, "To attribute the blindness to the taking of a photograph would be incorrect. “There’s no way that a camera can cause such damage." He added that since flashes are diffused light, “so they’re harmless.”

The only thing that he, however, notified all parents was that they should careful of laser pointers near babies. "They can actually damage your retina. Laser beams are highly focused sources of light, which can cause a burn," he explained.

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