New dad Shahid Kapoor reveals daughter Misha's feeding pattern and his daddy duties

New dad Shahid Kapoor reveals daughter Misha's feeding pattern and his daddy duties

"With a baby, I wake up every three hours. I change diapers and most of my T-shirts have Misha's vomit and milk stains on them," new dad Shahid Kapoor revealed

Celebrity or not, you need to take care of your child on your own, or so proves new dad Shahid Kapoor who spilled the beans about all the daddy duties he has been doing since Misha's arrival.

The actor and his wife Mira Rajput welcomed their first child August this year and he has been on a paternity break ever since. But now that the break is over and he is getting back to work, the doting dad has dished some candid details about his role as a new father.

No help needed, I'll take care of my daughter

While many expected the star to hire help to take care of his baby girl Misha, it seems he is keen and happy do the job himself. His desire to carry his baby girl close to him is proof enough of his protective instinct for his little bundle of joy.

While attending the Jio MAMI film festival, Kapoor spoke about how he has been doing all the daddy duties on his own, which incidentally include changing diapers and even cleaning his baby's vomit at times.

"With a baby, I wake up every three hours. I change diapers and most of my T-shirts have Misha's vomit and milk stains on them," he revealed.

He also added that the birth of his daughter has given him a purpose in life, something he didn't know was missing. "Misha gives me a lot of strength. Life is all about her now. I feel like I am ready to protect and even fight for her. I want to be my best for Misha. I never want to leave home once I return to my wife and baby," said the doting dad.

For the past two months, the happy couple have been looking after their little baby girl, letting her meet only their close friends once in a while. And it seems that the doting dad is absolutely loving this new phase in his life, which has also got a lot more stability in Shahid's life, as he himself admits.

The doting husband and dad believes that the stability that has come into his life, has mostly been thanks to his loving wife.

Continue reading to see how Mira Rajput and daughter Misha together changed this one important part of Shahid Kapoor's life. 

Shahid's baby wife

Speaking about his wife, Shahid Kapoor said, "Earlier, I was the master of my own will, now that isn't the case. I have become a lot more centered since I got married."

The new dad recently shared the first ever picture of his radiant wife a few weeks after the delivery. Along with the glowing new mum Mira, Kapoor seems to be enjoying some ‘chill vibes,’ as he put it. And he believes that this 'chill' has come into life, thanks to his wife.

"I recall that after winning awards for Haider (in 2014-2015), I wanted to sit with someone and talk to someone. It was an empty house and now there is happiness. I always wanted to marry someone who is real and normal. Mira pulls me back and gives a fresh perspective to things. In fact, she is opinionated and I never second guess her opinion," he shared.

He also added that being in the limelight can sometimes deviate one from the real issues and problems in life and his wife keeps him grounded.

"There are so many things that Mira tells me, which are just so normal and I am still connected with that. I had probably forgotten 50 percent of that, but she brings them right back at my life. Like, the price of petrol may be and how much I spend on online shopping," Shahid told the media.

How expecting fathers can pitch in

With all of these revelations, it is clear that new dad Shahid Kapoor is taking a keen interest in his taking care of his daughter as also looking after his wife. But this process should really begin while the wife is expecting, something that he did and most expecting fathers should too!

Here are a few things to remember:

  • Having a baby can be an overwhelming experience for first-time parents, but if you venture out together, life can be easier. So accompany your wife to her doctor's appointments and keep a tab on her health in order to be aware of the pregnancy.
  • Share your concerns and thoughts about the pregnancy or any anxiety that you may have with your partner. This helps to not only ease tension and stress but also let you know that you are not alone in this journey.
  • Make sure to ask for help whenever needed. You may know a lot many things, but what comes with experience is a different kind of knowledge. So depend on help from elders in the family, ask for their advice where ever needed.
  • Once you have had the baby, pitch in to help with chores for the baby and your wife. Help her get some shut eye, and spend time with your newborn as much as you possible can. This will also help the baby to know you and vice versa.

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