Never use hotel beauty products: Here's 6 reasons why

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For most of us, the first thing we do when we get to hotels is to raid the toiletries. But you should NEVER use hotel beauty products.

It is so tempting, especially when they're always packaged in such cute little bottles and you get new ones everyday.

But you could be doing more harm than good when you use them.

Here are 6 super cringe-worthy reasons why you should never use hotel beauty products:

1. It is incredibly wasteful!
Most of the time, you won't be able to use a whole bottle of the shampoo or shower gel during your stay. The remainder gets thrown away unless you plan on bringing it home with you. Same goes with the disposable comb. You use it once then it gets thrown away.

Instead, get your own refillable bottles to bring your own shampoo and shower gel from home and don't forget to bring your own hairbrush.

2. The hairdryers are actually really dirty
never use hotel beauty products hairdryer
According to ABC News, you should never ever use the complimentary hair dryer because it is one of the filthiest things in a hotel bathroom. Everything else in the bathroom is cleaned and replaced except this. If you HAVE to use it, you should use some disinfectant wipes to clean it first.

3. Never use hotel beauty products because it contains so much chemicals!
Have you ever admired how nice the products smell when you open a bottle of hotel shampoo? This is largely due to the amount of chemicals used to produce it. Some boutique hotels offer all-natural bath and body products. But most large hotel chains give out products that contain chemicals that are harmful to your skin as well as the environment.

It's always best to bring your own bath and body products to be safe!

4. These products can negatively affect your skin.
If it's one thing we have all learnt the hard way is that when it comes to bath and beauty products, there is no one size fits all. But the hotels cannot cater to your personal needs when it comes to mass producing their products.

So when you use these products that do not suit your skin profile, you could experience allergic reactions, like rashes or dry skin.

5. They could damage your hair.
never use hotel beauty products, hair
The same goes for our hair as it does our skin. Each of us have different hair types. Using the hotel shampoo could potentially damage your hair.

6. They can cause breakouts.
Don't even think about using the facial bar soap at the hotels! Firstly, it could cause your skin to breakout, especially if you're very sensitive. Secondly, once you open that bar soap, it will be contaminated for the rest of your stay. Ew.

After reading this, would it be safe to say that you will never use hotel beauty products ever again? Don't forget, THESE are the other things you shouldn't be using at hotels.

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Sarah Voon

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