"I neglected a minor cut and had to undergo surgery after a month..."

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I was given five injections before the procedure and once anesthesia waned off I had to deal with excruciating pain.

First, let me begin by telling you that I am not one of those careless people who would put off going to the doctor when needed. I am the first one to undergo any tests if the doctor prescribes and I give utmost attention to any medical condition that may require attention.

But despite all of this, recently I neglected a minor injury, which I really thought was routine. However, I had to pay for my negligence dearly. My small wound worsened requiring me to undergo a sudden surgery.

The incident taught me why we should always consult a doctor even if we may think that there is nothing to worry about. As a mum, the incident alarms me, even more, to be doubly careful in case kids are involved. I am sharing it to warn all the other mums out there on how sometimes seemingly small wounds can turn into major problems.

I had to undergo surgery for a minor cut...

About a month ago on a routine evening, we were just going out somewhere and in between the general mad rush, a portion of my ring finger got pinched in between the door. It hurt me and I let out a shriek but within a few minutes, it was business as usual.

I did have a little tingling sensation that evening and I noticed that a bit of blood had clotted in the area. But beyond this everything was normal. It wasn’t that such an injury hadn’t occurred to me before and there was absolutely nothing I thought about it.

I mean who goes to a doctor if they get a small knife cut or if they just get knocked on the knee by the table edge? For me, it was something as simple as that.

The clot remained visible for a few days, but there wasn’t any pain so I had no reason to think twice about it. However, sometimes when I would accidentally hit the spot where the clot was, it would start bleeding.

It was strange but again nothing alarming. Also, the bleeding was not very frequent. It happened occasionally maybe once in a week and I just thought that it would be okay for some time.

It began getting worse

But more than a fortnight later I noticed that the frequency of slight bleeding from the wound had increased. Now it would bleed every other day and that is when I thought that it was taking more than usual time to heal.

Since there was a weekend in between I decided to consult the doctor on the next working day, again thinking there was no urgency. But within these two days my wound worsened and now suddenly there was a skin protrusion that even smelt putrid.

When I went to the doctor he explained it to me that this condition is called Granuloma Pyrogenica. And needs a surgical removal of the skin growth followed by stitching up the wound. Even though it was day’s procedure it was extremely painful to go through it.

I was given five injections before the procedure and once anesthesia waned off I had to deal with excruciating pain for a week.

The stitches are to be cut after ten days and I am still bandaged. It hurts and is a reminder that one should never ever neglect even a small niggling injury. If I had visited the doctor earlier it may not have aggravated to that extent.

This has been a lesson for life and I especially advise all mums not to ignore any small injury especially if you have kids at home.

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