THIS simple diet is Mum Neetu Kapoor's secret to looking fit and fabulous at 58!

THIS simple diet is Mum Neetu Kapoor's secret to looking fit and fabulous at 58!

"You can be a good 60, a good 50 or a good 40 years old – it all depends on you," says Neetu Kapoor as she dishes on how she maintains herself with ghar ka khaana and exercise

At the tender age of eight, Neetu Singh became the sole bread winner of her family. She worked in many films as a child artist and at 15 she met the love of her life and had become a star. Soon after, she married Rishi Kapoor, became a star wife and a mum of two kids.

Today, Kapoor is a lady of leisure. She is a doting grandmother and loves to spend her time with her kids, whenever possible. She also has a set routine in life that involves travelling, gorging on her favourite food, and of course exercise.

But how does the 58-year-old star mum maintain herself so well and manage to look 30 when she is actually 58?

Neetu Kapoor's secret to a healthy body

In a recent interview, Neetu Kapoor revealed that the leading ladies of the 80s inspired her to bring her weight down.

“I feel fitter than when I was younger,” she shares. “I weighed 68 kilos when I was in the movies. It was Zeenat (Aman) and Parveen (Babi) who popularised that thin figure. People started getting aware of their form in the ’80s,” she sayd.

She adds that her two pregnancies took a toll on her body and that she gained almost 25 kilos both times. “A woman gains maximum weight when she delivers. To get rid of stubborn fat, especially after menopause, you have to have Yogesh (her trainer),” she reveals.

Exercises Neetu does to stay slim

She reveals that she follows three simple mantras of staying fit and healthy: be active, don't run after gyms and make it a habit!

“My world revolves around my work- out, my fitness, Yogesh and food. I work with Yogesh half the week and on other days, I walk at least 10,000 steps,” she shares.

Neetu's fitness regime "involves yoga, Pilates, TRX, free form board, body blade, wiper kettle bell.”

Her trainer Yogesh shares, “It is what we call VIIT (Variable Intensity Inter- val Training). High Intensity Interval Workout incorporates a variety of functional training movements where you train at 80-100 per cent effort for a short period of time, followed by an adequate rest and recovery period. It’s always better to mix cardio with strength and core exercises. ”

But this is not all, when she doesn't have time for all this, she has another solution- opting for healthy.

When there's no gym!

“Exercise is as important as brushing your teeth or taking a shower. My mother had a lot of health issues at the age of 50 – high BP, diabetes and high cholesterol.We tend to imitate our parents, and then we say it’s genetic. If I imitate my mother, and eat and drink what she used to, I’d suffer the same," she shares, explaining why she opted for it.

“I’m a Punjabi and I come from a family of food lovers. My mother didn’t teach me, because she didn’t know better. With aware- ness now, I can teach my kids, and they are healthy. It doesn’t mean you don’t indulge once in a while. Have ghar ka khana five days a week," she shares.

As for her daily diet routine? Well, she shares that as well!

Neetu's simple diet that all mums can emulate

Neetu admits to indulging once in a while, but in moderation. “At night, I have to have two pieces of dark chocolate. Minimise sweets, don’t delete them,” she says adding that she eats every two hours.

During the interview she also shared her daily diet, which primarily includes ghar ka khaana.

  • Breakfast at 10 am: A bowl of papaya, two egg whites on toast and sugarless tea
  • 12 noon: Watermelon and a glass of buttermilk
  • 2 pm: 1 roti, dal or chicken or fish, dry sabzi
  • 4 pm: 5 almonds and 2 walnuts
  • 6 pm: 2 cream crackers
  • 8 pm: A vegetable juice and a fruit
  • Dinner at 10 pm: 1 roti with dal or anda bhurji

“My dietician says three fruits and two cups of vegetables a day have enough fibre. (Plus) My meal is cooked in three teaspoons of oil,” says Neetu. “One teaspoon of ghee is allowed and I boil or saute my veggies in olive oil,” she says.

As for mums who may worry about age being a hindrance in losing weight, Neetu says, "You can be a good 60, a good 50 or a good 40 years old – it all depends on you. Be disciplined and consult your doctor for supplements.”

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