Nandita Das and hubby Subodh Maskara file for divorce after seven years of marriage!

Nandita Das and hubby Subodh Maskara file for divorce after seven years of marriage!

They have a six-year-old son Vihaan.

It looks like a case of seven-year itch for actress Nandita Das and her husband Subodh Maskara. The couple announced their separation yesterday after being married for seven years. The duo has a six-year-old son Vihaan.

While rumours of Nandita's divorce have been making rounds since mid of 2016, this is the first time the couple has confirmed of the same.

"Yes, it is true. Subodh and I have decided to separate. Thankfully, it is very amicable. Our son is our foremost priority and as parents of a delightful and sensitive child we request that his and our privacy be respected. There’s nothing to hide and there’s nothing more to be said," Nandita confirmed the rumours as she spoke to a leading national daily.

This was Nandita's second marriage. The actress was previously married to Saumya Sen. They got divorced in 2007. However, things didn't work out for them and they parted ways after five years of marriage. Nandita then tied the knot with Subodh in 2010.

Nandita is best remembered for her stellar performances in Fire, Earth and Bawandar amongst others. Subodh is the co-founder of a production house Chhoti.

The actress also mentioned in the report that separation is never an easy process for a couple, especially if you have a child together.


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“Separation is never easy, more so if you have a child. For us, our son is our main concern and we are committed to ensuring his well-being," she added.

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Nandita has always maintained that after the birth of her son, her priorities have changed and like most working mothers she finds it quite difficult to balance work and home.

"After my son, Vihaan, was born, I found myself juggling between many roles. And like most working women, I was multitasking and going quite crazy!" she says.

Talking to your child about divorce

Nandita has touched a very sensitive topic here that all parents in her shoes can relate to. Separation can indeed be a painful process for parents and kids, but the truth is it has to be out in the open. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

1.Be honest and open: No matter how difficult it is for you, be honest about the whole situation and state the facts to your child as is, of course use your own discretion keeping in mind his state of mind.

2. Stay together in front of your kids: Even if you can't stand each other, be one team in front of your child and show him that you're there for him, come what may.

3. Never bad-mouth one another: Keep your bitterness aside and make sure you do not argue or quarrel in front of your child. Remember that your ex would always be a parent to your child.

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