Ragi, jowar helps avoid bloating?

Ragi, jowar helps avoid bloating?

Try to follow these simple rules to avoid bloating during pregnancy

This is one nasty problem every pregnant woman could do without – bloating. Tightening, farting, burping – yikes! How does this happen? The pregnancy hormone progesterone is relaxing smooth muscle tissue all over your body including your gastrointestinal tract.

This makes your stomach work slower to absorb more nutrients from your food for your baby. “Well, you can reduce the unpleasantness by following simple dietary rules,” says Fit For Birth’s dietician and nutritionist, Charmi Gala. Here are some dos and don’ts that she lists out:

  • Use asafoetida or hing in your food: This amazing Indian herb controls the formation of gas.
  • Take a walk: Every. Single. Time. An after-meals walk is important to give movement to your gastrointestinal tract.
  • Eat every two hours: There should be no long gaps between your meals.
  • Avoid fried and spicy food: Go slow on platefuls of ‘tasty’, read spicy and fried food stuff as they tend to be gassy.
  • Intake fibre: Have good amount of fibre – whole cereals such as nachni, jowar and ragi. Avoid fruit juices but have cut fruits and green and leafy veggies. A chopped veggie salad wins over junk food any day, especially when you are pregnant.
  • Chew your food well: Remember what our grandmothers would say? Chew your food 32 times. Yes, we tend to gulp and gassiness is an obvious outcome.
  • Wear comfortable clothing: You don’t want to wear constraining clothes now. It will only add to pressure on the stomach and bloating issues.
  • Early dinners: Early dinners ensure that your food gets time to settle down before you hit the sack. Also sleep on time, else you will be snacking again.

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Harshikaa Udasi

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